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David O'Neill LRPS

Nature Group Chair

I have been interested in photography since my late teens when I initially focused mainly on sport and travel, but then other priorities took over.

My interest in nature and the countryside grew as I got older along with a rekindled interest in photography.  I focussed more on landscapes and nature and I joined our local Wildlife Trust and the RSPB at this time.  Then, in 2007, I re-joined a Camera Club and the RPS gaining my LRPS in 2009, after which I also became a Member of the Nature Group.

Since then my main interests have been UK birds and mammals and I take every opportunity to visit Nature Reserves close to home, family, friends and holiday cottages.

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Duncan Locke ARPS

Vice Chair and Honorary Secretary

After taking photographs for most of my life, I took up Nature Photography seriously in 2011.  I have travelled widely photographing wildlife including to the Arctic, Antarctic, Alaska, Japan and many parts of Africa.  But I get every bit as much pleasure in photographing plants and insects in the Nature Reserves near to where I live.

I joined the Nature Group in 2014 and became Secretary in 2017.  With a background in Engineering and Technology, I am very interested in the technology of taking images.  I’ve spent much time studying focus stacking and extreme macro plus trying Ultraviolet and Infra Red photography.  Digital technology enables us to capture the nature and science of the world better than ever before – and it is getting better all the time!

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Peter Ward

Honorary Treasurer

My photography journey began with an Olympus OM 10 in my early twenties.  I was lucky enough to get free entrance tickets to motor racing events through work so spent most weekend photographing racing cars.  This was obviously with film and most were out of focus or I completely missed the car.  However, I stuck at it and through trial and error I slowly improved.

I then started a family and career which put a hold on this hobby.  I restarted back in 2009 when I purchased a Nikon D90.  Nowadays I like photographing nature and landscapes and as I live near Ashbourne, the gateway to the Peak District, I have plenty of opportunities.  Recently, with the lock down keeping us all at home I set up my garden to capture small birds in flight which was very rewarding and just shows us that we don't have to travel vast distances to photograph nature.

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Dawn Osborn FRPS

Editor of 'The IRIS'

I have had an interest in both nature and photography since childhood and have been an active member of a Camera Club for over 50 years.  I joined the RPS in the late 80s and the Nature Group Committee in 1993.  I was Chair from 2001 to 2003 and then became Editor of The Iris – a position I held until 2018.  In 2017 I started eNews.  In autumn 2021 I again took on the role of Editor of The Iris.

In 1994 I gained my Associate Distinction in nature with a slide submission of ‘Mediterranean Wild Flowers’.  I switched from film to digital in 2004 and achieved my Fellowship in 2006 with a panel of prints entitled ‘Birds of the Falklands Archipelago’.  The Falklands is my favourite place in the world and I have visited on numerous occasions.

I've always enjoyed travelling and have visited several European countries. Further afield Africa. the Galapagos, and North America have all offered excellent photographic opportunities.

I enjoy submitting my images to National and International Exhibitions as well as participating as a selector - the work produced by other photographers frequently inspires.

Ralph Snook ARPS

Exhibition Secretary and Webmaster

I have been taking photographs for longer than I care to remember. Currently I almost exclusively take Wildlife Images.  Having worked in Africa as a guide/camp manager this is my ‘go to’ destination for photography and wildlife experiences, but I have travelled and photographed in the Arctic, Antarctic, Alaska and other destinations.  My focus is predominantly on behaviour and the unusual rather than straight portraits/images.  I also do a lot of bird photography both on my travels and in the UK.

I joined the Nature Group in the Mid 90’s but my membership lapsed when I relocated to Africa, re-joining on my return.  I have been Exhibition Secretary of the Group for 7+ years and Webmaster for 3+ years.  My involvement in Exhibitions and the Group in general provides many opportunities to enjoy aspects of nature photography and places that as yet, remain outside of my experience.

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Ann Miles FRPS

Programme Co-ordinator

I have been an active photographer since my early teens when I undertook to photograph all the British Wildflowers – something I have not yet completed!!  I had a career in scientific research and publishing more at the cellular than whole organism scale, but continued nature photography as a major hobby branching out from my original interests to include insects and birds.  Since retiring, surveying and recording at local Nature Reserves and in my garden have been added to my passions.

I joined the RPS in 2006 and achieved both an ARPS in Nature and an FRPS in Visual Arts the same year.  I have been a member of the Nature Group for several years during which time I have lead many outings and gained a reputation for guaranteeing that it will more than likely rain on my trips!!

I joined the Committee two years ago taking on the role of Programme Co-ordinator.

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James Foad LRPS

Residential Weekend Advisor

I was given my first camera, a Praktica TL1000, in 1985 by my late Father, who was a long serving Member of the Isle of Thanet Photographic Society.

I joined Ramsgate Photographic Society in about 1985/86 and enjoyed entering competitions, often getting very low scores, but encouraged to improve and soon I was winning.  When Ramsgate closed down, I moved to Herne Bay Camera Club, where I really got into nature photography, particularly insects.  At Herne Bay I was Programme Secretary and then Competition Secretary.  In 2004 I joined the RPS and the Nature and Digital Groups.  I achieved my LRPS in March 2011 after being mentored by Richard Walton FRPS. 

In 2008 I was told by the late Kath Bull ARPS that I had won the Gold Medal in the Kent County Photographic Association Exhibition for my print of the Head of a Common Darter.  Subsequently I joined the Isle of Thanet Photographic Society, to help my father, who had suffered from a stroke, to socialise

My interest in photography remains in Nature especially insects and record and I am currently working towards my ARPS.

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Julia Wainwright FRPS

Facebook Administrator

I came to photography seriously in 2010 when I bought my first DSLR.  A few months later I became a Member of Harrow Camera Club - where I have been on the Committee for several years.  My skill set was developed through attending short courses, workshops, photographic holidays and entering competitions.  I specialise in natural history photography, but also enjoy long exposure and travel photography.

In 2015 I gained both my LRPS and ARPS in Natural History Photography.  I then spent a few years working through PAGB awards, successfully obtaining my DPAGB in 2017 and MPAGB in 2019.  In 2021 I returned to the RPS Distinctions pathway and achieved my FRPS in Natural History Photography in April 2021 with my panel of monochrome images entitled ‘Lions of East Africa’.  I joined the Committee in April 2019 and I am now the Administrator of the Group’s Facebook presence.  I use Canon equipment and recently moved from DSLR to mirrorless.

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Christine Holt LRPS
Christine Holt LRPS

Membership Secretary

I have always enjoyed photography, but it wasn’t until I retired that I took it up more seriously and joined Hoddesdon Camera Club.  I started there as an absolute beginner and had to learn to use my camera as well as edit and print images for competitions.  I soon found that my interest in Nature steered my photography in that direction and wildlife photography became my main interest. 

Photography soon became a passion and I also began to achieve success in competitions.  I wanted more challenges so became a member of Ware Photographic Society then in 2017 joined the RPS.  Soon after that I joined the Nature Group and have enjoyed the opportunity to visit a variety of places on their field trips.  In 2019 I gained my CPAGB and last year both my DPAGB and LRPS.

Although I love to travel and photograph wildlife in different parts of the world I have really enjoyed photographing wildlife close to home.  Birds and insects have proved just as interesting and challenging and photographing them locally has been inspiring me to start thinking about working towards gaining my ARPS.

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Thomas Hanahoe FRPS

Past Group Chair

My photography was initially limited to family events but this changed in 2001 when I obtained a digital Canon Ixus camera, 2 megapixels!  To be able to see the image immediately was fantastic and to print it, wonderful!  A digital SLR, (Canon D60) soon followed and for the first time, I obtained photographs other than family snaps.

My photographic skills improved and I visited many parts of the UK photographing a variety of birds.  RPS Distinctions followed and more recently, I have travelled overseas and photographed other species, particularly mammals.  I continue to be gratified by the integration of art and science which is inherent in digital photography.

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