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Travel Image of the Month 2021 Winners and Galleries

As part of desire by the RPS Travel Group to encourage members to not only take photographs but also to share them more widely. During 2021, members are encouraged to take part in of a monthly competition to showcase the considerable talent of the photographers within the group. 

Working within the RPS criteria, that a travel picture should portray 'A sense of place', group members who have submitted images in the monthly galleries below have been given wide scope to interpret the criteria. This has led to the submission of some truly amazing shots FROM all over the globe OF locations all over the globe.  

Below is the first monthly winner for 2021, with links to all submissions for that month. Each of the winning shots will go forward as a candidate for Travel Image of the Year at the end of the year, with the results announced at the AGM 2022.

Semana Santa, Night Parade
CREDIT: Jan 2021 Winner - Jay Charnock

Semana Santa, Night Parade, Jerez.

Semana Santa, Night Parade, Jerez. - Jay Charnock

Our judge for this month, Richard Lewis ARPS commented,

"Having studied the January images, it doesn't get any easier! There were several very striking ones, and following much deliberation, my conclusions are:

"The winner is, Semana Santa, Night Parade, Jerez."

"A very strong and dramatic composition conveying sense of place. Well suited to its deep yet subtle shadowed monochrome treatment and portrait format.  Nicely composed with the two leading figures in the light and the third in shadows behind."

Click below for the full Gallery of submitted images this month.

TIoM Jan 2021