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Semana Santa, Night Parade
CREDIT: Jan 2021 Winner - Jay Charnock

Semana Santa, Night Parade, Jerez.

Semana Santa, Night Parade, Jerez. - Jay Charnock

Our judge for this month, Richard Lewis ARPS commented,

"Having studied the January images, it doesn't get any easier! There were several very striking ones, and following much deliberation, my conclusions are:

"The winner is, Semana Santa, Night Parade, Jerez."

"A very strong and dramatic composition conveying sense of place. Well suited to its deep yet subtle shadowed monochrome treatment and portrait format.  Nicely composed with the two leading figures in the light and the third in shadows behind."

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TIoM Jan 2021
CREDIT: Ian Silvester

Afternoon Entertainment

Afternoon Entertainment - Ian Silvester ARPS

Our judge for this month Justin Cliffe ARPS commented:

"This image works really well - my eye around the image from the well-positioned girl on the left across to the boat on the bank of the river, up to the steam train nicely positioned on the bridge and then back to the girl again. I did wonder about the red shoes at the corner of the picture, but then felt that this added to the story here. Nice, soft, colour palette - a lovely image  - all in all a very worthy winner this month."

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February 2021 TIoM
Myanmar Commuters By Steve Jones Copy
CREDIT: Steve Jones

Myanmar Commuters

Myanmar Commuters - Steve Jones

Our judge for this month, Richard Lewis ARPS commented, 

"This was an especially difficult month to judge. From a large selection of images, there were several worthy candidates, all fitting the brief very well, and technically all were good. I did feel that a few others had real strength and more mileage in them but were hampered by being cropped too tightly, so that the context of their location was lost."

"However, I've chosen Myanmar Commuters as this month's winner."

"This image has impact and captures the sense of place not just in what we see of the local environment but in what the subjects are doing - taking a regular journey by heavily laden improvised local transport with another similar vehicle ahead. Nicely composed and plenty of human interest."

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2021 March TIoM
Evening Worship At The Varanasi Ghats
CREDIT: George Pearson

Evening worship at the Varanasi ghats

Evening worship at the Varanasi ghats - George Pearson

Our judge for this month - Justin Cliffe ARPS commented. 

This is a great example of travel photography in that it really provides the ‘sense of place (and time)’. I  like the positioning of the two women nearest to the camera, the fact that the photo has been taken from low down, near the water’s edge and the general feeling that I’m sitting there, watching the scene with the photographer.

The more that I look at, and around, the image, the more I see, as I look - the boat, and the background on the left-hand side, nicely setting the scene and the story going on with the people of the right of the image - all in all a really lovely photograph anda very worthy winner.

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2021 April TIoM
Lisbon Night Tram
CREDIT: Jane Tearle

Lisbon Night Tram

Lisbon Night Tram - Jane Tearle 

Our judge for this month, Richard Lewis ARPS commented:

"This embraces the key requirement of travel photography, in that it strongly conveys a sense of place.  The image really captures old Lisbon by night emphasised by the foreshortening  – the iconic Tram 28 on the hilly cobbled street with its embedded shining rails, crowded by the typical buildings each side.  The street lights have given the tram and the street just right amount of lighting to create a very moody atmosphere, enhanced by the lighting within the tram, and emphasising the lovely textures of the street surface."

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2021 May TIoM
A Norwegian Summer, Lofoten
CREDIT: Dan Bronish

A Norwegian Summer: Lofoten

A Norwegian Summer: Lofoten : Dan Bronish

Our judge for this month, Richard Lewis ARPS commented,

This is a satisfying composition that captures its location within its elements – the stark rocky mountain, the forested shores with colourful buildings in typical Nordic architecture, the waterside and the golden timbered boat in the foreground to give depth and interest.  It paints a complete picture of its place.

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2021 June TIOM
Classroom,Liokaw 350
CREDIT: July 2021 - Dennis Anguige

Classroom, Loikaw

Classroom, Loikaw : Dennis Anguige

Our judge this month, Justin Cliffe commented,

"I love this image - which is really made by the little boy, with the doleful expression, in the foreground looking directly at the camera. He is complemented by the two boys in the background, dressed in their maroon-coloured robes, who set the scene well and tell us where we are - Myanmar -  and the boy next to him, looking at something going on behind him."

"I have also enjoyed the expressions on the faces, and the differing activities of the other three boys - a most enjoyable image."

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2021 July TIOM
Isfahan Art Class
CREDIT: August 2021 - Neil Harris

Isfahan Art Class

Isfahan Art Class - Neil Harris

Our judge for this month, Justin Cliffe commented:

"I really like this image, which is made by the light being reflected back from the book onto the faces of the two women to the right of the picture. It is then complemented by the two women in the bottom left (and, yes, I know that we ‘should’ have had either 1 or 3 people here for compositional purposes!), with the far left one looking into the picture and up at the two readers - perfect! Finally, we have a good idea as to where we are here, with the dome of the mosque in the background setting the scene. All in all, a lovely, and restful, image.

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2021 Aug TIoM
Ibra Camel Race
CREDIT: Sanjoy Sengupta

Ibra Horse Race

Ibra Horse Race - Sanjoy Sengupta

Our judge for this month, Richard Lewis ARPS commented;

Ibra Horse Race
A simple image, but very effective. It is well composed and framed. The juxtaposition of the child with the two drums in the foreground is reinforced by the line of horsemen in the background, all positioned very effectively on the sand track below. Together, these elements all combine to exude that sense of place.


2021 Sept TIoM