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We are grateful to Rosemary Wilman, Hon FRPS, for agreeing to make the selections for this year's Annual Projected Image Competition.

Asked to comment on the images submitted, Rosemary wrote:

'Thank you for inviting me to be the selector for this year's competition. I am always wary of selecting images at home when they are to be projected, being aware that they may look very different. I have seen images projected in Bristol where the images are very large. I also know that good quality images project extremely well. I have remained aware of this when viewing the images and hope that different viewing environments do not spring unexpected surprise. 

I enjoyed looking at the entries and it was good to see that the large range of locations included some from the UK. It is important to remember that in the context of travel photography we travel when we leave our front doors.

As with many competitions entries there were highs and lows as I initially looked at the entries. There were plenty of excellent and interesting images, but some disappointed in terms of their quality, either appearing over-cropped or over-processed. I had a long list of about 65, but looking closer a few were removed due to quality concerns which I did not feel were either at the very highest level or appropriate to the time and place. 

I had already been looking for a photographer using a personal approach, perhaps a slightly different take, whether a familiar location or not. To select the awards I tightened up considerably on those criteria to select those which I felt stood out as the very best. By chance they also show a wide range of subjects and approaches that can make a successful travel image. 

My congratulations to all the award recipients.'


1200Gold Medal 014 Wouters Sarah Image 2 Floatingmarket Indonesia Gold Medal

Gold Medal winner

Floating Market Indonesia by Sarah Wouters

Rosemary Wilman, who had the unenviable job of making the selection this year, writes, 

'This image had an immediate strength in both its complexity and simplicity. In particular there is the interaction between two traders toward the top left.  Then exploring the image further I saw interesting detail throughout as I moved around the traders and their produce within the simpler framework of their boats. This design of this image is almost destined to have awkward or distracting elements at the edges. This does not, showing the great care taken on location.'

1200Silver Medal 093 Fraser Lynn 3 Rising Tide Venice

Silver Medal Winner

Rising Tide, Venice by Lynn Fraser

Rosemary comments:

'St Mark's Square is a much photographed location and sadly not infrequently flooded, but this is a very different image. The decisive moment has been captured with the lady in full stride and in an excellent position, avoiding the major elements of St Giorgio Maggiori and the lamps. Taken in very poor light and 'one of those skies' it conveys the mood of the scene and tells the story very well.'


Bronze Medal Winner

Half Moon Island, Antarctica by Andrew Gasson

Rosemary says:

'The lone Chinstrap penguin is what makes this image. To me it is unusual to see a single penguin in such a situation and it appears very vulnerable.  That vulnerabilty is emphasised by the choice of a wider angle lens, avoiding the temptation to zoom in as close as possible. For me it is the inclusion of this vast landscape that makes the image so successful.'

1200HC 004 Wouters Sarah Image1 Fishnetweavers Vietnam HC
Fishnet Weavers, Vietnam
Sarah Wouters
1200HC 025 Golightly Lynda Image 3 Hacking It London HC
Hacking It, London
Lynda Golightly
1200HC 034 Wouters Sarah Image 4 Dry Colour Fabric Mynmaar HC
Dry Colour Fabric Myanmar
Sarah Wouters
1200HC 043 Sengupta Sanjoy 01 Camel Race Preparation Oman HC
Camel Race Preparation Oman
Sanjoy Sengupta
1200HC 059 Harris Neil Image 1 Mahima Dharma Sect Call To Evening Prayer India HC
Mahima dharma sect call to evening prayer, India
Neil Harris
1200HC 058 Fothergill Sandy Image 1 Weighing The Duck Hani Market, Yunnan, China
Weighing the Duck, Yunnan, China
Sandy Fothergill
1200HC 146 Dunsdon Rachel Image 4 Sand Storm, Camps Bay South Africa
Sand Storm Camps Bay South Africa
Rachel Dunsdon
1200HC 148 Morris Alison Image 4 Night Sewer Vietnam
Night Sewer, Vietnam
Alison Morris
1200HC 155 Ford Daryl Image 2 Foot Trimming Romania
Foot Trimming, Romania
Darryl Ford
1200HC 166 Ford Judy Image 4 Left Behind Romania
Left Behind, Romania
Judy Ford