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This month's judge, Richard Lewis, writes:

The arrival of Spring (and some subtle(?) Facebook reminders) brought a bumper crop of 24 images, significantly more than of late. Again, between them, they covered a broad range of photographic locations, subjects and styles, reminding us what a broad church Travel Photography embraces. Quality was high, as we have come to expect.

Winning Image

Salvina walking home, Transylvania  by Daryl Ford

This image exudes the difficult terrain and life that this environment imposes upon its people. A very simple image of a local woman struggling with her stick to walk across a desolate and isolated area. Very simple but well composed and framed, it is well suited to its monochrome presentation. Colour is not necessary.

Congratulations, Daryl!!

Highly Commended Images

Curve by Yaser Alaa Mobarak

Although we are not told the location of this image, it still exudes a sense of place through the stark architectural shapes, the extensive paved piazza and the strong white surfaces contrasting both with the deep blue sky and the various depths of shadow displayed by the buildings. The dog and its walker, in white, break up the grey foreground plane to give both life and proportion, and provide a nod to the white distant peak of the building. (Actually the location is the Hadid-designed Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku.)

Denali Glacier Intersection by Peter Range

Another monochrome image of an isolated and extreme environment. It captures the the bleakness and emptiness of Alaska, the isolation, the snow, the altitude and the cold. All in all a nicely balanced combination of graduated tones from black through greys to the white of the abundant snow. The atmosphere is emphasised by the clouds which add to the drama.

Cold North by Sue Lambert 

A similar theme to Denali but a very different approach, yet achieving the same effect of cold isolation. Key to this image are the two small red buildings in an otherwise bleakly grey landscape. Simple but effective.

Albert Drive by Andrew Flannigan

A strong image. The positioning of the big red flash American car on the rain stained and uneven pavement, against a background of shuttered windows and bystanders dressed for northern climes make it clear that this is not Sunset Boulevard. Reinforced by the architecture of the surrounding buildings, this is suburban Britain on a gloomy day. The car is a strong attention grabber making the major statement , everything else is supporting it.

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CREDIT: David Cummings