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Sunrise Over Avonmouth, Bristol
CREDIT: Suzanne Johnson

2023 TioM June

Our judge this month, Justin Cliffe, writes:

A nice selection of images to enjoy this month - and from a wide range of places. In first place, my Travel Image of the Month for June, is Bakery in Uzbekistan by Graham VulliamyThere are all sorts of things to both enjoy and appreciate about this photograph - the bread being launched across the table, the composition with the three women on the left facing into the frame countered and balanced by the main subject of the photograph, the woman on the right, the colour scheme - and the general happiness of the women involved. We can also get an understanding of their working environment, with their jackets and handbags on the hooks behind, even the phones and can of flyspray(?!) on the shelf - a really nice and well-captured image.I also have three Highly Commended images which are, in no particular order:Geothermal Bathing, Midsummer, Iceland by Sue HuttonEven without the title, this has to be Iceland. A very simple, but effective photograph making good use of the colours, principally various shades of blue, some neutral brown but then the wonderful splash of yellow on the right of the frame.

I wondered whether it could have been improved by the inclusion of a person however, thinking about it, this would have drawn our attention to him / her whereas I think that this does work better without one.Myeik Market, Myanmar by David Huggett

The delight of the lady having made her sale is lovely to see; there’s great composition here in that she’s placed in the right of the image, clearly the brightest part of the photograph (thereby drawing our eye to her) but with the purchaser’s arm in the front left, holding out the cash, providing a nice leading line. Complementing it all is the figure in the top left corner showing what else is going on. All in all, a very pleasing, and well-taken, image.The Pool Boy, Madeira by Andrew Flannigan

This is such a simple photograph - and normally something that one would walk past but the vivid blue of the swimming pool shouts out for our attention. One then sees the figure in the top right of the pool, our eyes lead there by the hose snaking its way in from the bottom of the frame. All this is enhanced by the background and the lovely evening (or is it morning?) light.