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This month's judge, Justin Cliffe ARPS writes:

Just 15 images for me to consider - and, seemingly, from north, south, east & west, which is great.After some deliberation, my winner for this month - March - is:Bagmati by David HuggettWhat a delightful photograph - the little boy bending down and smiling at the photographer, with, presumably an attentive parent in the background on the right of the image. The colour palette here, with the muted blues, greens and soft reds also works really well. All in all, a lovely image, one that I would love to have taken - and a worthy winner this month.I also have three Highly Commended images which are, in no particular order:Time for tea, Ladakh by Jane TearleThere’s a real sense of both time and place here - the image is anchored by the person drinking their cup of tea in front of the dark coloured tent  and then the eye heads up, past the cattle grazing in the middle ground, to the snow-covered peaks in the background. These layers create a very nice sense of depth to what is a pleasing image.Inside a bookstore, Shenzen, China by Tao Jiang (Philip)This photograph certainly caught me eye - as I tried to work out what I was looking at - and, once I’d done so, in which direction - I’m still not exactly sure! Wonderful, vivid colours and with the spiral railing / bannister(?) leading our eye through to the centre of the image. Intriguing - and even after viewing it several times, I’m still none the wiser as to what I’m looking at, other than the table, piled with books in the middle!andIn the music shop. Chorsu market, Tashkent, Uzbekistan by Anton PanchenkovThe use of a wide angle lens here brings us nicely into this image - and the man blowing hard into the horn / instrument.  Lovely lighting, and a pleasing sense of place. The one element that I might consider changing, and have played around doing so, would be to remove the rather serious looking man on the right - as he is very dominant - but then he does also play a part in this story. Either option works - they just produce a different narrative.