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Lynda Golightly Ganges Evening

Glyn Paton writes:

This month has brought us an exceptionally strong set of images, there are many brilliant photographs here.  It’s been a challenge and a pleasure to judge these


Life in Havana, Cuba by Jo Kearney

I’ve seen a lot of Havana, Cuba pictures, but none quite like this. Despite the chaos within the room the triangle formed by the 3 characters and the directions of their gaze ensure the image has a strong focus.  This then lets us explore the rest of the image, and there’s lots to explore. The picture of Christ (?) on the wall above the bed with a broken chair on top! We can then roam around the room’s dirty and mostly damaged items. The pièce de résistance of this image is that our gaze then moves to the cook and the meal he is preparing and from there, via the oil-drum/make-shift table, back to the characters in the doorway and on the bed. Brilliant

Highly Commended

Departure from Toyagoza, China by Ian Silvester

This image just screams cold.  It is very atmospheric with a great sense of place.  The man pulling his sledge containing firewood and in his other hand his shovel, add to the sense of poverty and coldness and help to create a story about how hard life is here.  The ancient steam engine and of course, the steam add the final touches to a fantastic image.

Govanhill, Glasgow, Scotland by Andrew Flannigan

Another very strong image made by the subject’s gait and gaze into the camera. The empty shopping bag gives a clue as to where she’s going.  The image as a whole tells us of a stoicism befitting the environment.  The double yellow lines take us on a journey through the image.  This may work just as well in black and white.

Late for Work, Vietnam by Elizabeth Roberts

The dreamy lines of the paddy fields give this image a lovely rhythm and the young rice plants give a texture and glow to the picture.  It is amazing how the addition of a man in a blue tee-shirt can transform an image.  A simple but very effective photograph.

São Bento Station, Porto, Portugal by David Pollard

Those characteristic blue tiles tell us it’s Portugal, but it isn’t just these lovely ceramics that make this such a good picture.  The textures and tones of the tiles, granite and glass are beautiful in themselves and they speak of long ago, (1903, thank you Google) and this contrasts well with the modern electronic more brash interior.  Great positioning and judicious cropping.  An excellent observation and image.