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Black And White And Colour Muizenberg Beach
CREDIT: Paul Cayton

2023 September TioM

Glyn Paton ARPS, CPAGB, AFIAP, BPE1* writes

A great variety and quality of images, once again.  It’s great to “visit” all these places so well portrayed.


Smoke break, Kolkata Railway community by David Huggett 

A great evocation of sense of place both in local scale, a community by a railway track, and it the wider sense as shown by the dress of the women.  The composition is excellent, the beaten-up can and fish for sale are particularly important.  The timing is perfect the action of lighting a cigarette as a train thunders by, its motion so well captured you can almost hear the noise. Skilfully executed, well done.

Highly commended, in no particular order

Pirogue captain Mauritania by Neil Harris

You must have been in the bowels of the dhow (boat) to get this dramatic angle, and it really paid off.  The marks of the sailor’s clothes add to authenticity. The angle of the rope and the sailor’s right hand are really important and are what makes this image work so well.  Do you have a version with all his left foot?

Breakfast is Served, Myanmar by Jane Tearle

The photographer is perfectly positioned. The steam and relative positions of the two women really make this stand out.  Just enough background detail to give us information without distraction.

Morning Ride, Kolkata by Victor Wong

Not only a technically a clever picture, but one that tells us a story about that part of Kolkata.  The run down nature of the area is well shown, the shop(?) owner’s stoic gaze really adds that extra element.