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Twenty Dollar View Whitewall

Our judge Richard Lewis writes:

There were twenty-three images entered this month, maintaining the healthy number of entries received recently. The quality is as high as ever, and many convey a tangible sense of place. Between them, they cover a broad range of travel locations, subjects and photographic styles with perhaps a greater emphasis on people. It's always difficult making the decision of which image has that extra something that makes it stand out and this month, as well as the Winner, three Highly Commended images have been selected.

Winning Image

Getting Us There, Philadelphia, USA by Dan Bronish

This is an interesting and nicely framed image that not only conveys sense of place – in this case through the skyline of Philadelphia – but which also emphasises the Travel theme by including the plane that might have got us there, captured at an unusual and prominent angle. Together they form a striking and well composed image, helped by the lighter sky backlighting the buildings beneath a darker layer of clouds above.

Highly Commended Images

Tram 28, Lisbon, Portugal by Sanjoy Sengupta

The location of this image is very clear, even without the title. It derives from the iconic trams, the classic Portuguese architecture behnd and the almost claustrophobic feel derived from the busy, narrow, steeply inclined, street. And if you're still not sure, the lettering on the trams gives the game away. The bright colours of the trams liven the image despite them being in shadow, while the traditional ornate overhanging street light and wrought iron balconies add interest.

Red Turbans Relaxing, Jaipur, India by Jane Tearle

A deceptively simple image that is well composed and exudes sense of place. The sense of place derives from the costumed, dignified, figures and the immense stones of the building behind them. The stones are aged and well weathered, resulting in muted colours, so the white clothing of the subjects makes them stand out, topped by their bright red headwear. The result is an interesting image making a subtle impact.

Sadhus at Home, Nepal by George Pearson

This image has an intimate feel to it. The sense of place derives from the characterful figures in costume seated around the carpet in a locally furnished and decorated room. It also has human interest. The two principal figures are looking intently to their right, while the third is studying the items in front of him, so the result is an image with no sense of the photographer intruding. The red turban of the nearest figure adds a helpful splash of colour to the upper right corner of the image.