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Starting The Day, Varanasi, India, by David Huggett
CREDIT: David Huggett

2024 TioM March

Our judge, Glyn Paton, writes:

Another great set of images taking us around the globe and demonstrating different styles of travel photography.  It is always a challenging but pleasurable task to judge this competition.  Like so many competitions the margin between the winner and the highly commendeds are narrow, there are so many good shots.  Well done to all who entered and of course to this month’s winner and the highly commendeds.

Winning Image

Repairing clothes,  Baghdad by Donatas Gricius

This image is all about atmosphere. This run-down stall in a souk tells its own story. From the sandals at the door to the few photos on the back wall.  The ramshackle “cupboard” also at the back has a jumble of a few clothes as does those on the left-hand side.  There aren’t that many clothes, so perhaps he’s very good at turn-round, or perhaps business isn’t thriving.  Of course, it’s the fact that clothes repair is going on in the picture that makes this such a good travel shot.  Rather than the owner looking at the camera, here he is going about his business. The inclusion of the shop sign on the left-hand side also helps to add to the dilapidated atmosphere.

Highly Commendeds

Traditional Dance, Ghana by Jane Tearle

This picture just works, it has atmosphere! From the local dress, to the postures but most of all it is the expression on the main subject that makes this image special.  It’s been caught at “le moment juste”.  It is strong enough that it still holds you, despite some of the distractions in the background.  The background overall adds context.  It is the judicious cropping that gives this image its impact, the elbow and arm leads us to the face and the background.  I can almost hear the African rhythms

Camel Shepherd, Gujarat, India by David Huggett

It’s the low angle that “makes” this shot.  There is also some engagement with the shepherd.  This is another shot that depicts reality rather than the idealised vision, in that we are on a tarmacked road (in very good condition for India). One often sees camels transporting day to day items and here it looks like it could be a bed.  The brightly coloured quilts on the saddle and the fact she is holding a smart phone also add to this image.

African Safari, Amboseli, Kenya by Sanjoy Sengupta

While this isn’t the glamorous side of game reserves, it is the authentic side and this is what makes the image stand out.  Amongst the things that attract me to this image are, the long lens foreshortening of perspective, Mount Kilimanjaro and the safari vehicle. The car’s relative position to the giraffes and its place on the track are spot on. This is an image that tells a story about the other side of game reserves and safaris and it isn’t about the big five.