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A huge thank you is due to 'the Welsh Dragon', Margaret Salisbury FRPS, not only for agreeing to judge our Annual Projected Image competition but also for spending so much time selecting images, commenting on them and presenting her comments at the Spring Meeting on Zoom with humour and insight.

Margaret said:

Judging the Annual Competition was extremely difficult.  Reducing after viewing nearly 300 images several times my aim was to reduce the top images from which to select the Medals and Awards but in fact I ended up with 60 images all of which had merit, were excellent technically and had in one way or another “a sense of place” and fitted into the many categories within Travel photography.  I then had to reduce to those which were definitely worthy of awards and reduced to 32 then again to reduce for the final selection of Commended and Medal winners.  

REDAA Fire Dragon Guangdon
CREDIT: Weng Sang Wong ARPS


Fire Dragon, Guangdong

Weng Sang Wong ARPS

The Gold Medal was picked out as a “winner” from the first time I saw the image.  One of, if not the, most brilliant images of its type I have ever seen.   This is a picture I would love to hang on the wall and admire every day.  We all have our own personal reactions to images and I will be accused of being biased but apart from the appeal of the subject, this image has massive impact. 

The main subject is obvious even without the Title:- “Fire Dragon, Guangdong”,  the Dragon being the most brightly lit with “Sparklers” surrounding it, the other fireworks and another two models being carried in the procession, which also add to the interest in the subject.   The detail in this image is amazing you can see the straining figures of the men pulling the Dragon, the people in the parade mainly silhouettes surrounded by the atmosphere created by the smoke and fire and even the spectators with their mobile phones and lights can be seen at the base.  

All together these elements show the best of this subject and I got the feeling I was actually there, watching and enjoying this event.

REDAAA Business Negotiations Nizwa, Oman


Business Negotiations, Nizwa, Oman

Justin Cliffe ARPS

The Silver Medal was awarded to an event in a Market in Oman entitled “Business Negotiations Nizwa”: it depicts the “Negotiating Traders” but so much more.    It captures brilliantly the expressions on the faces of the traders, shows the action, the situation and the location.   The picture takes the viewer into Nizwa and tells the story so we can witness a decisive moment in this cattle market.  

The composition is brilliant keeping the important subjects large in the frame but also showing activity in the background and around the image. This image has instant impact but also held my attention for a long time enabling me to enjoy the many aspects of this scene.

REDAAAA Wilhelmina Bay Antarctica R Akester LRPS


Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica

Robert Akester LRPS

The Bronze Medal  was awarded to Wilhelmina Bay Antarctica, a wonderful “Sense of place”with the light on the icebergs, the sea and pattern in the sky producing what is not only a beautiful landscape/seascape but a brilliant Nature image of the animal in its own environment. 

The pose of the animal, the technique, sharpness, capturing so much detail, even the blood from a recent meal, caught at exactly the right moment and including enough of location shows the animal off to great advantage.  A picture to be enjoyed and admired.

CX01 Camel Man Ladach RED
Camel Man, Ladakh
Lorraine Grey LRPS
CX02 Life In The Shadow Of The Karakoram Mountains Pakistan RED
Life in the Shadow of the Karakoram Mountains
Allan Hartley ARPS
Cx02b Eid At The Taj Mahal India RED
Eid at the Taj Mahal, India
Jeremy Richards
CX03 Sahara Desert Dunes Morocco RED
Sahara Desert Dunes, Morocco
Graham Vulliamy LRPS
CX04 Alpine Church And Matterhorn Zermatt Switzerland RED
Alpine Church and Matterhorn Zermatt Switzerland
Martin Reece ARPS
CX05 Trader, Muttrah Fish Market Oman RED
Trader, Muttrah Fish Market Oman
Justin Cliffe ARPS
CX07 Omo Valley Sundown Ethiopia RED
Omo Valley Sundown, Ethiopia
Andrew Wood ARPS
CX08 Streetwalk UK Durham RED
Streetwalk UK Durham
L. Golightly
CX09 Contrasts On An Indian Beach Goa RED
Contrasts on an Indian Beach Goa
Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski ARPS
CX10 Tso Moriri Nomad Camp Ladakh RED
Tso Moriri Nomad Camp Ladakh
Brian Houghton ARPS
CX11 Camel Fair India RED
Camel Fair India
Victor Wong ARPS
CX12 Sur La Plage Nice France RED
Sur La Plage Nice France
Conor Donnelly LRPS
CX13 Eye Guatamalared
Eyes, Guatamala
David Short ARPS

Congratulations to all who entered, to those who received a commendation and especially to our three medal winners.

Margaret sums up:

Judging such brilliant images was hard but more than that it was  a privilege for which I have to say a huge “Thank you” to the Travel Group.