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Walking the Regents Canal

The first canal walk for the Travel Group started at Limehouse DLR Station. We met at 11:00 am and made our way to Limehouse Basin. DLR trains travelled on the tracks near a backdrop of London’s financial district and there was a good chance to capture a sense of place. The basin was filled with moored canal boats and there were signs of construction nearby.  


As we continued along the canal, the path was rather quiet but this was  an invaluable opportunity in getting members to interact and to socialise as we all know that photography can often be a solitary experience. 


There were three main parts to this first walk: Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Islington. The original plan was to stop at Hackney but we kept on going until Islington where the path is cut off by a tunnel.  


There was a lot of activity at the locks and some interaction with locals jogging, cycling or walking the paths and many great opportunities for location shots and eclectic ones. 


We stopped off at a pub – the Lord Tredegar - away from the path and apparently the site of one of the first bombs to be dropped on the East End in WW2 - and later had lunch on Broadway market. Both interesting experiences! 


I had opened this canal walk up to the public and there were other people from different cultures and professional backgrounds, which is always welcome on any walk that I organise. This was my first time conducting this part of the canal walk.  I have led walks from Islington to Regents Park before, so I learnt a lot about the area and will take on board feedback from this one. 


  Text and images © Safeena Chaudry

DSC 8345
CREDIT: Robert Akester LRPS
Safely Back from Brazil

A group of seven Travel Group members recently returned from an exhilarating 11 days in Northeastern Brazil. We travelled in planes, minibuses, 4x4s, quad bikes, motor boats, a ferry and canoes. We saw two Unesco World Heritage Site cities with old colonial buildings. We saw two National Parks, with unique landscapes. We saw wildlife, and in particular thousands of Scarlet Ibises coming in to roost for the evening at an island in the world’s third largest delta. We saw street parties and kite surfers. The local food and drink went down well, from fresh lobsters and shrimps to churrascaria and caipirinhas. The local people were charming and the accommodation generally very comfortable. Altogether a very successful trip to a part of the world that deserves to be better known and fully justifies its nickname the ‘Route of Emotion’.

All images © Robert Akester

Screenshot 2019 11 25 At 00.52.04
Elephants and Cha-Cha-Cha
On the 'Book Bus'

A small group of intrepid Travel Group members recently returned from a two week trip to a remote part of Zambia and Malawi, the first week of which was spent volunteering with the ‘Book Bus’ charity. Elephants were a particular feature of the week not only wandering through the Safari Camp we stayed in, causing chaos and mayhem, but also in the books we read to the children.

Each volunteer had two groups of 6-8 children, the first in Grade 4 (aged 10-11), the second in Grade 7 (aged 13-14). With the Grade 4s we read to them a selection of English children’s books and then got them to read out loud the story themselves.

At the end of the week each group read a book in front of the other groups as well as being encouraged to act out some of the story which included doing the ‘cha-cha-cha’.

With the children in Grade 7 we did a photographic project. Not many of them had seen a camera before, let along an I-pad, but they quickly grasped the basic mechanics of taking a photograph and over four days they took photos showing “A Day in My World”.

On the fifth day the images were exhibited in the classroom and they spoke about what they had learnt. This project enabled us to visit a village and speak to some of the people living there, thus giving us an insight into their lives. It was a privilege to be able to do so.

Article and Images © Liz Rhodes

Copy Of Copy Of Wingfield
Travel Group Exhibition

“Very interesting and expiring exhibition….”
“Well worth travelling to see, Well done….”
“Interesting panels and discussions about them, good to have another view of the world….”
“Lovely examples of travel photography giving insight into places and people, Many thanks to all involved….”

These are a number of the comments made in our Visitors Book on the recent Travel Group exhibition held at the picturesque Wingfield Barns in Wingfield, Mid Suffolk from 26th September to 6th October.


Following an invitation from those organising the Nature Group’s annual exhibition at Wingfield, we agreed to take a gallery at the same location with a view to exhibiting a selection from a number of successful panels for Associate distinction in Travel.  Those panels were from Tony Smith ARPS (2009), Richard W Lewis ARPS (2013), Kathryn Phillips ARPS (2019) and Justin Cliffe ARPS(2019)

In addition, we showed the projected images that were either medal winners or commended in the Group’s Projected Image Competitions from 2015 to 2019, together with a number of the printed images that formed part of the Group’s October 2016 exhibition at Fenton House in Bath. 


A member of the Travel Group was in attendance every day the exhibition was open.  While the numbers attending could have been higher - the weather, in particular on the final weekend, was very wet – it was rewarding that all our visitors engaged in discussion with us the images on view, as well as the Distinctions process, and there were some detailed exchanges of views. 


This was an encouraging experience and further Travel Group exhibitions would be worthwhile but will require some stewarding assistance from Group members local to the venue.