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Perfect Reflection

CHAIR: Kath Phillips ARPS

Kath first used a camera when she was very young and bought her first serious camera (Pentax K1000 SLR) for a trip to India and Israel as the result of a Goldsmiths' Company Travelling Grant in 1977. She was hooked from then on! Travelling and photography have featured large in her life since and she was delighted in 2018 to be able to return to Israel in search of images for an A panel.

She has been Digital Communications Co-ordinator for the Group since 2018 and was elected Chair in 2022.

Kath believes firmly that travel and photography are natural partners and enjoys being able to share her travel experiences through the images she takes.

SECRETARY: John Speller

John started taking photographs while at school and has passed through the stages of a home darkroom processing black and white prints and latterly colour prints and reversal in the family bathroom. Having previously set up a light-room in the spare bedroom he has now bought a 5th generation digital camera and lens system.

Whilst retired, other activities leave him wishing that he had more time to be able to take more images, balancing those that please him against those which are required to succeed in the market, competitions or distinctions panels.


Justin joined the RPS - and the Documentary Group - about 10 years ago, when his interest was principally in street photography. He was their Treasurer for 8 years, during which time he gained his LRPS - with a travel-based panel.

Retirement offered the opportunity to satisfy his wanderlust - but on a much more leisurely basis so he joined the Travel Group in 2018.

He was awarded his ARPS in 2019 for his panel of images taken in and around the City of London – showing, however, that travel begins at home.

In 2020, Justin joined the Travel Group committee and in 2021 became its Treasurer.

Richard Lewis ARPS
Richard has been a member of the Travel Group ever since he joined the RPS in 2008, and has been involved with the Committee for most of that time. His interest in photography goes back to school days. While working as an engineer, he travelled extensively but the shortness of most trips precluded serious photography. Retirement gave him more time to engage with digital photography and indulge in his prime passion – travel. From a trip to Ladakh in northern India he successfully developed an Associateship panel.


Travel Log Editor: Patricia Mackey LRPS
Patricia grew up in a family of enthusiastic photo takers. No family event was complete until her Grampa had taken all of the exposures on his instant Polaroid camera. For her 18th birthday, he bought her a Minolta Riva Zoom EX with a 35-70mm zoom and fancy button for macro. She still has it along with his Kodak Flash Bantam. 
Her parents also had a love of travel which they have also passed to her, and she now combines both hobbies. Work permitting, this averages two significant trips a year and international travels have included Ethiopia, Nepal, Peru, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Eswatini and Chernobyl. Covid has resulted in spending more time visiting locations closer to home. On joining the RPS in 2020, it made perfect sense to join the Travel Group.

Sue came to photography seriously in 2010 when she took the Open University course in Digital Photography. Her LRPS came in 2013, and ARPS in 2019.

She started designing websites in the mid-1990s at the birth of the world wide web, while she was overseas. In fact, she's been very lucky to have lived and worked overseas for several years, starting off in Botswana, then in Libya, Uganda, Sri Lanka and latterly Oman.

She just wishes she had had a better knowledge of photography at the time.

Susan Stuart

Sue started experimenting with an old manual family camera when she was about eight, and her enthusiasm for taking photographs grew via family holidays to using darkrooms and processing negatives, encouraging others to do the same via running photo societies as a student.  She then continued to take photographs as she began to travel more, both in the UK and overseas.  Her passion for capturing experiences and moments, wherever she may be, has endured despite time constraints.  At times, the number of photographs taken has run significantly ahead of processing and printing, and she has now moved to digital and finally managed to organise the archive!  At last, she also has more time to travel and focus on photography and she continues to learn and be inspired by fantastic photographers and photographs.