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Gold Medal
CREDIT: Weng Sang Wong ARPS

Travel Image of the Year 2024

Judging this year's competition was Jay Charnock FRPS, a longtime member of the Group with vast experience as a photographic judge.

Introducing her comments she explained how she approached the task:

'The rule, or better, the conventions of photography, like composition, are not always the most important thing. After you’ve considered them, whether you’ve ‘obeyed’ them or not, your output is  an image, and how you react to that image depends on who you are.

It's a purely subjective exercise. So I've chosen photographs which speak to me. So what am I looking for? I'm looking for a bit of photographic perfection in there, and that is the right sort of composition, you're doing the right thing, whatever that is.

After that it comes to how the image affects me as a person. Because it affects every one of you in a different way. Because you are bringing to these pictures all your prejudices, all your foibles, all every manner of things to do with your personality.

So how you react to it is who you are. It's a subjective exercise. I've chosen those pictures which speak to me. What do they speak of? As travel images they must have a sense of place, okay. And they all have a that, and they have a spirit place, a sense of what you're looking at.

These are images that speak to me somehow a bit more deeply, okay? A sense of place and a spirit of place. Now that's defined by you, who you are, how you actually observe the photograph, and how you react to it.

So these are my personal choices, and I make no excuses. I've chosen these images because they spoke to me. When you look at a photograph, you are looking at it subjectively. Okay, you could look and say, oh, rubbish. That's actually a rubbish composition. Look at those wonky lines there. But ultimately, how does it feel? And that to me is important.'


Bodnath Stupa Kathmandu
CREDIT: Weng Sang Wong ARPS

Gold Medal

Bodnath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal by Weng Sang Wong ARPS

My choice for the Gold Medal breaks all the rules - it's vivid, there's a person standing at the centre... Why not? What struck me is that everything is moving except that central still figure: the embodiment of the central stillness of Buddhism. He's posed. That's OK. Note the orange trainers!

This appealed to me as an image which has a very clear sense of place and as an authentic illustration of the spirit of the place - it appealed as the embodiment of the central spot of stillness within you that Buddhists seek.

Abandoned Whaling Station
CREDIT: Rachel Dunsdon ARPS

Silver Medal

Abandoned Whaling Station by Rachel Dunsdon ARPS

'Such isolation - very much showing a sense of place and the spirit of the place - bleak, abandoned. How could people have lived there? How could they exist is this world of nothingness? Sheer loneliness. The atmosphere and feeling of this image appeal to me.'

Curve, Azerbaijan
CREDIT: Yasser Alaa Mobarak LRPS

Bronze Medal

Curve, Azerbaijan by Yasser Alaa Mobarak LRPS

Image taken in Baku is of the Heydar Aliyev Centre.  Azerbaijan is described as the eastern end of Europe and the western end of Asia. I enjoyed the clean, dramatic lines and the placing of the woman, without mobile phone, was in exactly the right position. Despite the figure being quite small, the visual weight balanced the composition beautifully.

Highly Commended images

Commended images