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Travel Photography - the Future

This full day event provides Travel Group members an opportunity to consider the impact on their art of current trends in tourism and photography, bringing together some of the recognised experts in both areas.

Where?     RPS House, The Paintworks, Bristol

When?      Saturday, 20th April 2024 from 10.00a.m.

What?       A series of presentations and panel discussions with an opportunity to think through the issues, share your ideas and benefit from some very special opportunities

How much?

      •  RPS Travel Group members    £35
      •   Other RPS members *          £45
      •   Others.                               £50

* RPS members should note that annual membership of the Travel Group is only £15: you may want to consider that option.

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The Presenters

Jordan Banks 600

Jordan Banks is presenting the keynote address this year. Jordan's career spans two decades in the world of travel photography and travel journalism which has brought numerous accolades, including awards from National Geographic & TPOTY. Jordan’s work and expeditions have taken him to over 100 countries to cover some of the most diverse regions of the globe. Leading expeditions through Baffin Bay, the High Arctic, Antarctica, Bhutan, Patagonia, visiting the Kumbh Mela and Sea Gypsies of the South China Sea. His images can be seen throughout the world on the covers of books, magazines, billboards and television. Jordan’s career has been the subject of a Sky Arts documentary syndicated worldwide. He has collaborated on film projects with Adobe and LEE filters.

Jordan is a respected educator and regularly speaks at global art & photography events & conferences as well as sharing his methods on the pages of magazines internationally and leading workshops & expeditions throughout the world.

He is also the founding editor of the award-winning travel magazine JRNY. In his role as Creative Director alongside the JRNY team Jordan is working towards improving the future landscape for creatives in the travel editorial sector whilst mentoring new talent and helping provide opportunities to the next generation of story tellers

Recognized as one of the UKs pioneering photographers in the world of digital arts, Jordan is helping pave the way for photographers in web3. Jordan’s work has been as well received with the digital art collectors as it has in the traditional markets and he is proud to say that some of the largest collectors of digital art hold pieces of his work.

Jordan is a brand ambassador for LEE Filters, f-stop bags & Peli Case.

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Kav Dadfar is an award-winning professional photographer, writer  and co-founder of the multi award-winning travel magazine, JRNY. Over the years, Kav’s images have appeared in just about every noteworthy travel publication and brand around the world. These days most of Kav’s time is spent on the highly acclaimed travel magazine that he co-launched during the pandemic. In just 3 years and seven issues, JRNY has gone on to be stocked around the world in the likes of WHSmith, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

Kav will take time in his presentation and during the day to demonstrate

 'What makes a publishable photo essay?'

In his role on JRNY, Kav sees hundreds of photo essay pitches. The vast majority are rejected. In this session, Kav will talk through to do’s and don’t of how to maximise your chances of getting published in JRNY and potentially other magazines. He will point out the common mistakes that he often sees in pitches and how to avoid them. By the end of this session not only will you have a better ideas of how to put together photo essays, but also how to increase your chances of getting published.

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James Scipioni - Originally working in the environmental sector, James moved into the travel industry after visiting a Brazilian community-based initiative and seeing tourism's positive impact for rural communities. Ever since, he has been a passionate explorer, believing travel to be an eye-opening experience and a wonderful way to meet new life-long friends. James is the founder of a sustainable travel platform, Otherlands Travel, and has been involved in several tourism development projects. When travelling, James enjoys exploring wilderness areas and lesser-visited places whilst connecting with creatives and experimenting with local cuisine. 

Lauren 600

Dr. Lauren Siegel is a Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Tourism & Events at the University of Greenwich. Lauren's research focus is on the evolution of travel photography and how social media have transformed experiences into objects of collectible consumption. Lauren's work has been featured in many press outlets including BBC, CNN, The Independent, Deutsche Welle Radio, Business Insider and Yahoo News. Lauren is an RPS member, a member of the Royal Geographical Society, the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) and the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT).

Destination unknown - how are tourism and tourist behaviours changing?

James Scipioni and Dr. Lauren Siegel bring insights into the world of tourism and the trends which can be noted to help us look to the future  - where might we be travelling to and how can we help to protect those parts of the travelled world that are becoming 'over-touristed'?

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Daryl & Judy Ford are RPS Travel Group members. Since 2019, they have been working on a long-term photographic project documenting traditional life in rural Romania. Giving back to the communities they photograph has been a crucial part of their work.

Each brings a unique perspective & style. Daryl is an ex-racehorse jockey who became a blacksmith. His work often includes animals & action. Judy is an ex-technical author & project manager. She is drawn to quieter moments & detailed observations. They both work exclusively with natural light. Daryl works mainly in monochrome; Judy usually works in colour.

Daryl has been a photographer since 1990. Judy developed a passion for photography in 2015. In 2021, she was awarded the Joan Wakelin bursary by the RPS. In 2022, Daryl and Judy exhibited at the house of HM King Charles III in Transylvania. In 2023, this exhibition was moved to the ASTRA museum in Transylvania. Judy was selected for the Hamburg Portfolio Review in 2023. They are currently working on producing a book of their Romanian work.

Going the extra mile
Judy and Daryl describe how they combine photography with supporting the communities they visit. They explain how this process adds depth and meaning to their photographs. 
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