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Monochrome Camera
CREDIT: Monochrome camera board @ Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS

The heart of the camera

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As a child I had a curiosity about how things worked. This was a significant driver that guided my early interest in photography, right back to when Apollo 12 had a colour camera failure due to a burnt out image sensor. That is why I found the Space Steps exhibition so emotive.

This interest stays with me and now extends to how our modern cameras function. I still pull things apart but I build stuff too. As a result I find it informative to play with some of the camera sensors used in other applications. You can get some surprisingly interesting images.

There is a whole industry out there where camera system suppliers, sensor design houses and optics suppliers get together to discuss the Next Big Thing. Within The Society these topics come up in meetings like Good Picture.

Fancy your own digital monochrome camera?

Image Monochrome camera board © Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS