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CREDIT: Yevhen Samuchenko

Science Photographer of the Year exhibition

...connections into science for everyone

I attended the opening event of the RPS Science Photographer of the Year exhibition, currently showing at the Science Museum in London until 5 January 2020. There are an awesome set of entries on display and it is well worth a visit. I worked in astro photography for a while so the pictures of the night sky had real relevance for me. But I feel sure there is something that will strike a connection with every visitor to this event. For me it was Calmness of Eternity.

It was Monday morning and I attended the opening press event as a Trustee and was pleased to welcome along the current President of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) as my guest. I had been with their executive committee over the weekend so this was a great opportunity to continue to discuss photography together. We have some common goals and we should work together for the benefit of Photography.

Image; Calmness of Eternity © Yevhen Samuchenko.