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Competition: RPS members

Your photograph as the main image on

Would you like your photograph to be the most prominent image on the RPS website?

Each week there will be a theme. From received entries, a number of members work will be selected to feature as the main image on the home page for a day each the following week. 

This page will be updated with new themes until the project closes.

How to enter - please follow the instructions below carefully:

  • Images should be jpegs in landscape (rather than portrait or square) format and 2000 pixels wide.
  • Do not send images with frames added or watermarks on the image (credits will be added to the page)
  • Images should be titled like this: Jan Smith ARPS.jpeg (but with your details obviously!)
  • Colour Space: sRGB
  • Images should be sent to:
  • Please include your membership number
  • Specify the theme you're entering in the email subject field
  • Think quality rather than quantity
  • Enter as many images as you like per theme - good luck!

Things to look out for:

1) Focusing issues are one of the main reasons that images can't be used - please check your work carefully before sending in. Focusing on the eyes is important if you are sending in animal or human portraits.

2) Banding - this can often be found in large blocks of solid colour in photographs and appears as lines. There are many tutorials online on how to avoid it and how to rectify if it is apparent in your work.

3) Dust and other debris covering key areas of your image.

Due to the volume of entries, we will only be notifying successful entrants which day their work will feature. Not getting selected is no reflection on the quality or content of your work. Various things have to be taken into consideration including the page layout, text position and balance of entries throughout the week - so please don't be discouraged and we hope you will enter again!

If you are not a member of the RPS and would like to participate, you can join find out more about joining the Society here


Themes (your interpretation of the following word):

Bokeh (for tips click here) - Opens: 15 February. Closes: 21 February

"This month, after the Bokeh theme, I will be winding down the weekly website home page competition for now as we prepare for the reopening of RPS House. I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the members who have entered the competition. It has been such a pleasure chatting with you and working my way through the thousands of images that have been entered. We have had entrants from all over the world from Egypt to Madagascar, China to the frozen north of Sweden with many people participating all year. I very much hope to revisit this competition at a later date and wish you well in the interim" Emily Mathisen, Web Content Manager


Previous themes - selected image from all featured that week:

To read a feature on the first 19 weeks of the competition (including images) please click here.


Urs Albrecht LRPS
Anna Withey LRPS
CREDIT: Anna Withey LRPS

Letters - Closed 13 September

Left: Urs Albrecht LRPS



Sport - Closed: 20 September

Right: Anna Withey LRPS

Alexey Belov
CREDIT: Alexey Belov
Nadia Awad
CREDIT: Nadia Awad


Urban - Closed: 25 September

Left: Alexey Belov



Transport - Closed: 4 October 

Right: Nadia Awad

Grahame Soden ARPS
CREDIT: Grahame Soden ARPS
Paul Edmunds 11 89 10. Blue Room

- Closed: 11 October 

Left: Grahame Soden ARPS


Interior - Closed: 18 October

Right: Paul Edmunds


John Credland ARPS
CREDIT: John Credland ARPS
André Bergmans
CREDIT: André Bergmans

Weather - Closed: 25 October

Left: John Credland ARPS



Documentary - Closed: 30 October

Right: André Bergmans


Pabitra Sen Sharma
CREDIT: Pabitra Sen Sharma
Sanjoy Sengupta LRPS
CREDIT:  Sanjoy Sengupta LRPS

Archive - Closed: 8 November

Left: Pabitra Sen Sharma

* The competition was closed from 9-15 November

Work -
Closed: 22 November

Right: Sanjoy Sengupta LRPS


Rob Kershaw ARPS
CREDIT: Rob Kershaw ARPS
Pam Sherren ARPS
CREDIT: Pam Sherren ARPS

Hope - Closed: 29 November

Left: Rob Kershaw ARPS

* The competition was closed from 30 Nov-13 Dec

Winter - Closed: 20 December

Right: Pam Sherren ARPS


Hassan Abuzaid
CREDIT: Hassan Abuzaid
Tatiana Bogracheva ARPS
CREDIT: Tatiana Bogracheva ARPS

Celebration - Closed: 24 December

Left: Hassan Abuzaid

Winter 2 - We had so many wonderful entries for the Winter week we have decided to run images from those entered for a second week. 

Right: Tatiana Bogracheva ARPS



Lorraine Poole LRPS
CREDIT: Lorraine Poole LRPS
Pam Sherren ARPS
CREDIT: Pam Sherren ARPS

Reflection - Closed: 10 January

Left: Lorraine Poole LRPS



Shadow - Closed: 17 January

Right: Pam Sherren ARPS


Lorraine Poole LRPS
CREDIT: Lorraine Poole LRPS
Diana Buzoianu
CREDIT: Diana Buzoianu

Hobbies - Closed: 24 January

Left: Lorraine Poole LRPS



ICM (intentional camera movement) - Closed: 31 January

Right: Diana Buzoianu


Emma Solomon
CREDIT: Emma Solomon
Mark Reeves ARPS
CREDIT: Mark Reeves ARPS

Love - Closed: 7 February

Left: Emma Solomon



Symmetry - Closed: 14 February

Right: Mark Reeves ARPS





The copyright on all images belongs to the photographer.