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RPS Journal Mar 2020

The RPS Journal, March 2020

The RPS Journal publisher Think Publishing carries out an annual survey of readers of the Journal -  who are mainly members - to canvas their views on its content. A summary of the results appears in the RPS Journal for May 2020 on page 303.

The pressure on space in the Journal precludes giving a full set of the results but you can read more of the detail below. Individual written suggestions and comments are being considered separately and where appropriate will feed into future features.

On behalf of the RPS and Think Publishing I would like to thank everyone – some 770 members – who took the time to respond to the survey. It is appreciated and the responses will help to ensure that the Journal remains relevant to members’ interests and that it continues to bring forward a wide range of features and news to inform and challenge our own photography.

Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS
Director, Education and Public Affairs

Q1 How likely are you to open and read The RPS Journal?

Qu 1

Q2 How much of each issue of The RPS Journal do you normally read?

Qu 2

Q3 How long do you spend reading your copy of The RPS Journal?

Qu 3

Q4 Which of the following regular features do you read?

Qu 4

Q5 How would you rate the following aspects of the magazine?

Qu 5

Q6 How would you rate The RPS Journal overall as a members’ magazine?

Qu 6

Q7 How important is The RPS Journal to you as a part of your membership?

Qu 7

Q8 How would you rate The RPS Journal in comparison to other membership magazines you have seen?

Qu 8

Q9 How many people, in addition to you, generally read your copy of The RPS Journal?

Qu 9

Q10 Where do you mainly get information about RPS events from? (tick
all that apply)

Qu 10

Q11 What do you do with each issue when you have finished with it?

Qu 11

Q12 We publish the print Journal monthly. What do you think about this

Qu 12

Q13 How would you feel about a Journal that was published slightly
less frequently but contained more pages in each issue?

Qu 13

Q14 Was a question that couldn't be represented visually.
Q15 Have you done any of the following as a result of reading The RPS
Journal in the last 12 months?

Qu 15

Q16 Which of the following photography magazines do you regularly purchase?

Qu 16

Q17 and Q18 were free text answers that cannot be shown graphically.

Q19 Which of the following social media applications do you use?

Qu 19

The remaining questions were mainly asking for personal information.