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Woman Fighter Ethiopia Max Robinson FRPS
CREDIT: Max Robinson FRPS

Tips, Tricks and Kit with Max Robinson FRPS

Every week we are going to get the Distinctions Chairs to share their top tips, tricks and best kit with us. This week we speak to Max Robinson FRPS who chairs the Film Panel.

Top Tips

  • For beginners, don't move the camera or zoom in and out - let the subject create the motion
  • Make sure each clip you shoot lasts at least 5 seconds - you can always cut it shorter in the editing process.
  • Always film an establishing shot so we can figure out where we are eg in a town, a bedroom, inside a cave etc.
  • Make sure you have a good mix of wide shots and close-ups.
  • Record plenty of "pretties" - interesting and relevant images of objects / scenery which you can use for cut-aways.
  • Wear a pair of headphones when recording with sound so that you can hear what the microphone hears.

Favourite piece of kit

I always take my camera with a 24-105mm image stabilised lens. It's a very useful / versatile lens good for most situations and the image stabilisation helps if I need to film whilst moving as it reduces image shake.

Book you are currently reading

"Stardust" by David Bailey.


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