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Portrait Of Two Illinois Cavalrymen
CREDIT: Robert B. Menschel and the Vital Projects Fund; National Gallery of Art Washington DC

Image Permanence

...and the link to language

Reading about the International Photography Exhibition (IPE) in the January 2020 edition of The Journal. A tintype print caught my eye, a process chosen for an IPE entry because of the permanence of the result. The photographer had chosen this process as the print was likely to outlast the endangered North American language being illustrated.

This caught my eye as I had recently been viewing much older Tintype prints at the Washington DC National Gallery of Art. Illustrated is one from their collection, dating from the 1860s entitled "Portrait of Two Illinois Cavalrymen". The image has outlasted the knowledge of the photographer but is wonderfully preserved.

Image Permanence is as much a part of my work as language permanence is to the IPE entry. Come and join me in appreciation of IPE 162. See you there!