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Martha, Flowers through the lens
CREDIT: Martha, Age 13

Grounded Competition Winners Announced

Photo competition for 7 – 16 year olds

Winner of the 7 – 11 Kids Award: Idra, age 11 

Winner of the 12 – 16 Teens Award: Martha, age 13 

‘Grounded’ was a weekly competition by the RPS, Sharp Shots Photo Club and Nikon that ran from April – June 2020Over the course of 10 weeks, children aged 7 – 16 were encouraged to submit their images in response to a different theme each week which included ‘Movement’, ‘Perspective’ and ‘What Lockdown means to me’.

The competition was an opportunity for children to get creative with their camera or phones during the lockdown period, experimenting with different techniques and ideas that can be done in and around the home. 

The prizes include an RPS Student Membership and Certificate, Nikon cameras and Sharp Shots Online Courses.  

Idra Kennedy 11 Perspective Week 5

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who sent in their great photographs. 

See more photographs by the winners and runners up  

Photos: Martha, ‘Flowers through the lens’, Week 7: Perspective; Idra, ‘All seeing eye’, Week 5: Perspective