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Alexandra Eye
CREDIT: Alan Hodgson ASIS HonFRPS from the work of Chloe Alexandra

Studying print close up

Evolution of the printed image

Back to studying the RPS Journal. I have a background in print quality so as I had recently received the new look RPS Journal I was interested in taking a closer look. How does the print process render the image content? The RPS Journal is usually pretty good on this so time to check this out.

Part of the fun of this is to look for areas in images where the process has difficulties. This for me is the route to understanding of these print processes, again a part of my past work. Then out with the magnifying lens to see what actually happened. Because of my background in monochrome I tend to look closest at those images.

I had promised myself another view of the work of Chloe Alexandra, student at University of South Wales so here was an opportunity. Looking up close (60mm macro lens) you can see how modern colour screening renders the monochrome image. Again an area of interest to me - this is half tone screening and I have used different methods for different applications.

Take a similar look at an older book, particularly one printed in monochrome. Make a comparison with the new RPS Journal and join me in studying print close up.