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Pinhole Montage

Pictures of pinholes

An indoor photography project

The rain has arrived, putting an end to twilight photography for a while. There will not be many starbursts at sunrise either. So time to look for different sources of photographic inspiration.

I have lots of stuff to study in the work of others and a list of online events to attend. Today I was taken by a talk by Steve Gosling on the Nature of Creativity and it tempted me to look again into my Aperture project. I have an alternative and indoor alternative for this - taking pictures of illuminated pinholes. So after Steve's talk I decided to revisit this.

The indoor alternative offers some interesting possibilities. It is certainly more inclusive as it will work anywhere and even if for whatever reason you are cannot venture out for your photography. It is less weather dependent and you can look at the characteristics of lenses at much shorter object distances. And still retain the creative possibilities.

In preparation I revisited some of the work I presented at the RPS Good Picture 2016 event in 2016. Steve Gosling recommended studying the work of artists; maybe I should get into cubism.


Nikon D70 fitted with a Tamron 80-210mm f/3.8 manual zoom lens set to 80mm and focussed on a pinhole 2m away. Image sequence is from f/22 on the left to f/3.8 on the right. Top row is 1/125s and bottom row 1/30s exposure. The individual pixels are around 7.5 microns on the sensor.