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Project Aperture

Study stuff - my Aperture project

Sharing some thoughts on camera lenses

I have stuff to study, in my own images and the way in which my lens collection produces them. Those who have read the Voicebox column in the Journal May 2020 will have seen another image of the Moon alluding to "an experimental series on aperture". Here is the background to this project - stuff to study and stuff I plan to share.

Like many photographers I have amassed a set of lenses over the years. Some are bequests, some bought for a specific project or work and others for a particular trip. I think of them like people; some are dull but dependable, others good but with some irritating tendencies and some are great travel companions. But they are all individuals - what works with one may not work with another.

I have spent an lot of time with some of these lenses and they have seen me through multiple camera bodies. I have come to know their characteristics and I can look at even segments of old images and recognise the lens used. The aim of this project is to gain a greater insight into these lenses and why they exhibit such individuality.

Please try this yourselves and come and join me in Project Aperture.