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Telescope Mount Mk II

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Doing stuff in lockdown to restart a project

I had an ongoing project to recreate a 2000mm f/6 moon camera, put on hold during the previous lockdown due to lack of materials. We appear to be in the same situation again so I could consider keeping it on hold for better days. But the alternative is to seek different ways to do stuff and that is what I have chosen.

The past issue was that I had a scrap mirror surrounded by an awful lot of heavy steel and needed to do some shopping to slim down an excess 30kg. So rather than wait, I went searching through the environment around me in search of inspiration and a route forward.

I needed to test the mirror to progress the design of the telescope. My plan was to test it in a more refined manner but this will have to do. I have stripped off all the steel and I now need to mount the mirror on the table in the shed. Having found an old box from a port bottle (very nice too), some log roll from the garden and some adhesive feet it is time to set to.

All part of my stuff to do! Think about restarting that old project and set to with the things around you.