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© James Barnor, courtesy of Autograph / Drum cover girl Erlin Ibreck, 1966, London.
CREDIT: © James Barnor, courtesy of Autograph / Drum cover girl Erlin Ibreck, 1966, London.

Awards Talks Series

RPS Awards Logo

Join us for a new series of conversations with recipients of the internationally respected RPS Awards.

We’ve invited photographers and artists working across all genres of image-making, as well as curators, educators, cinematographers and publishers, to discuss their practice and inspirations.

The conversations will be led by those who know the award recipient well – from influential contemporaries to colleagues, and are followed by a Q&A.

Tickets are priced at £3.

Rut Blees Luxemburg HonFRPS and Sophy Rickett
18 May 2021

Jane Hilton HonFRPS and Max Houghton
1 June 2021, 1800-1900 (BST)

Henri Kisielewski 
29 June 2021, 1800-1900 (BST)

Deborah Willis HonFRPS and Cheryl Finley
16 June 2021, 1800-1900 (BST)

Poulomi Basu and Monica Allende
27 July 2021, 1800-1900 (BST) | 1900-2000 (CET) | 1400-1500 (CET)

Past events: 

Anna Fox HonFRPS with Karen Knorr HonFRPS. / View recording

Joy Gregory HonFRPS with Zelda Cheatle. / View recording

Sunil Gupta HonFRPS with Clare Grafik / View recording

Ingrid Pollard HonFRPS and Gilane Tawadros / View recording


Image: © James Barnor, courtesy of Autograph / Drum cover girl Erlin Ibreck, 1966, London.