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Silvana Trevale
CREDIT: Silvana Trevale: Venezuelan Youth

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An update with Silvana Trevale

As the Joan Wakelin Bursary 2021 opens, we catch up with Silvana Trevale, recipient in 2018.

'Warm Rain' is the second chapter of Silvana’s project "Venezuelan Youth". Thanks to the Joan Wakelin award, Silvana was able to complete the work by returning to her home country, Venezuela. She spent days with different families from her country to get an intimate insight of their lives and showcase the reality of many. Venezuela has been facing an economic, social and political crisis for more than ten years now. By working with families from different backgrounds, Silvana intended to show that even by having a stable economical status, families still struggle to keep safe and have a normal life. 

Since then Silvana has continued to work on Venezuelan Youth, and she has also expanded her focus in the fashion industry whilst exploring her Latin American background; in particular exploring the meaning of being an immigrant with Latin Americans here in the UK. 

View more of Silvana's work here.

Image Credit: Silvana Trevale/Venezuelan Youth