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Sophia Spurgin 353207D
CREDIT: Sophia Spurgin ARPS

RPS Members successes at IGPOTY 15

RPS Members receive various awards and commendations at the 15th International Garden Photographer of the Year competition

Ingrid Popplewell 368190A
CREDIT: Ingrid Popplewell ARPS

RPS Members received accolades and recognition at this year's International Garden Photographer of the Year.


Ingrid Popplewell ARPS received the RPS Gold Medal in the Portfolios category.

From Ingrid's entry:

"This portfolio demonstrates the wonderful shapes of the seedheads, which I collected from my garden and local hedgerows and combined together in post-processing. I have chosen the style of classical blue and white Chinese ceramics to emphasise form and texture.

As ceramics were refined over hundreds of years, the porcelain became whiter and the blues more vivid. I have emulated these changes by including subtle differences, in the blue hues and the background tones."

View Ingrid's whole portfolio here


Sophia Spurgin 353207A
CREDIT: Sophia Spurgin ARPS

Sophia Spurgin ARPS received the RPS Bronze Medal.

"This portfolio of white flowers was taken using the softness of a Lensbaby lens. White flowers, provide a photographic challenge as they are often much lighter than their surroundings. This presents complications of exposure and contrast. In my portfolio I wanted to show, with careful lighting, the delicate form and texture of the white flowers."

View Sophia's whole portfolio here


Polina Plotnikova 372637B
CREDIT: Polina Plotnikova FRPS

Polina Plotnikova FRPS and Jocelyn Horsfall ARPS were also highly commended in the Portfolio category.

From Polina's entry:

"In this portfolio I explored the use of in-camera double exposure, with intentional camera movement (ICM) to achieve the illusion of dancing flowers.

Plants photographed include; Anthurium, Strelitzia, Zantedeschia, Rosa, and Cyclamen."

See Polina's full portfolio here




Jocelyn Horsfall 372684D
CREDIT: Jocelyn Horsfall ARPS

From Jocelyn's entry:

"This series includes a variety of techniques to capture the beauty of the transience and decay of the leaves on the windows. Some straight shots, some multiple exposure, some painterly effects in post-processing, but all celebrate the beauty of the foliage, as it is caught in death."

See Jocelyn's full portfolio here

Diana Chan 367613
CREDIT: Dr Diana Chan FRPS
David Townshend 368459
CREDIT: Dr David Townshend FRPS

Also highly commended were Dr Diana Chan FRPS in the Wildlife in the Garden category, and Dr David Townshend FRPS in the Abstract Views category.

Dr Diana Chan FRPS: 

"I discovered after the rain, that the two ants met up, in what looks like a ‘romantic’ rendezvous within the flower. The water droplet refracting the foliage of the flower, appears like an emerald."

View Diana's entry here

Dr David Townshend FRPS:

"A lockdown spring and the hazel catkins emerge, but we are still locked in. I used in-camera multiple exposures to combine several elements in my garden."

View David's entry here




Gigi Williams 366676
CREDIT: Gigi Williams FRPS

Gigi Williams FRPS was recognised seven times in the categories 'Breathing Spaces', 'Trees, Woods and Forests', and 'Wildflower Landscapes'.

Featured image: Lupins at Dawn

View all of Gigi's entries here




Richard Murphy 368451
CREDIT: Dr Richard Murphy FRPS

Sophia Spurgin ARPS and Dr Richard Murphy FRPS were also commended in 'The Beauty of Plants' and 'Beautiful Gardens' categories respectively.

View Sophia's entry, 'Anemone rivularis'

View Richard's entry, 'Waiting for Sunrise'




John Cavana 362760
CREDIT: John Cavana ARPS

Finally, John Cavana ARPS was a Finalist in the Square Crop category.

"There were an unusually large number of hoverflies in my garden this year. I spotted these two individuals, deep within a Dahlia flower, which gave the appearance of fighting over the spoils."

View John's entry here



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Images featured, in order of appearance:

Sophia Spurgin ARPS, from 'White Flowers'

Ingrid Popplewell ARPS, from 'Seedheads, Re-imagined'

Sophia Spurgin ARPS, from 'White Flowers'

Polina Plotnikova FRPS, from 'Dancing Flowers'

Jocelyn Horsfall ARPS, from 'Wabi-sabi – Beauty of Imperfection'

Dr Diana Chan FRPS, 'Rendezvous'

Dr David Townshend FRPS, 'Catkin Abstract'

Gigi Williams FRPS, 'Lupins at Dawn'

Dr Richard Murphy FRPS, Waiting for Sunrise'

John Cavana ARPS, 'Battle Over Pollen Rights'