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Eglon from the series March of the Humming Birds©Aneesa Dawoojee
CREDIT: Aneesa Dawoojee FRPS

Only Human: Aneesa Dawoojee travels to The Royal Albert Hall

The exhibition showcases The Fighting Spirit of South London and work from the new series March of the Hummingbirds by photographer Aneesa Dawoojee FRPS

Nesrine From The Series Fighting Spirit Of Soth London ©Aneesa Dawoojee

September 2023 saw the opening of Aneesa Dawoojee’s solo exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society Gallery in Bristol, awarded after her success in the 163rd edition of the RPS International Photography Exhibition (IPE). The work featured in IPE 163 from her series The Fighting Spirit of South London also earned her an RPS Fellowship.

The Fighting Spirit of South London looks into the lives of martial artists and combat sports athletes from gyms near Aneesa’s home in South London and reveal strength, resilience, fortitude and hope to overcome life’s challenges.

March of the Hummingbirds the new series tells the story of the Caribbean community in the UK with a view to share a little of it's rich history. It is a colourful, and often joyous story of a multicultural community who are keen to share their stories of adventure, love, and hopes for the children in Britain.

In June, the exhibition will travel to The Royal Albert Hall, London. Visitors can view the exhibition from June 5th to 28th while attending a performance at the Hall. Additionally, there will be an open day on June 23rd, during which Aneesa will deliver an artist talk discussing her work and the images displayed.

Royal Albert Hall | Open Day and Artist Talk |
23 June 2024
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Aneesa Dawoojee FRPS

Aneesa Dawoojee is an award-winning social-documentary photographer whose work has been published in the British Journal of Photography, Forbes Woman Africa, and Portrait of Humanity. She has made the shortlist for the Association of Photographers’ Photography Awards (sports) and received the 2023 Power of Photography Award from Amateur Photographer magazine.

Aneesa Dawoojee’s journey with the Royal Photographic Society began with success in its International Photography Exhibition 163, which featured images from her series The Fighting Spirit of South London. This series went on to earn her the RPS’s highest recognition, Fellowship. The RPS recently toured the work from The Fighting Spirit of South London in Leeds as part of PhotoNorth Festival.

Aneesa is known for her exploration of community, resilience, hope, and social discourse, through her work with youth charities, schools, colleges and universities, and mentoring young people using the RPS’s Journal to provide inspiration.

She has recently exhibited for the London Mayor’s Office and has been working alongside Warner Bros Discovery on a series of socio-cultural documentaries which will be released for Black History Month in October 2023. New work includes an exhibition with ‘Big Kid’ Youth Club in Brixton. Aneesa’s images are visually captivating, celebrating the strength, resilience, and diverse stories that make us all uniquely human.