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CREDIT: Dr. Karsten Lutz

The Eifel in Autumn

A homage about fire-red Autumn leaves in a gentle hilly landscape, populated by kind people.

Those who want to experience Indian Summer can save the flight to New England. Fire-red Autumn leaves in a gentle hilly landscape can also be found in the west of Germany - along with a few relics from prehistoric volcanic times.


What did I once associate with this region? Lonely remote villages, overtaken by time and cut off from modern life. This is true, at least for the mobile phone reception there! Communication in the Eifel works best with space. 

The radio telescope in Effelsberg.

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CREDIT: Dr. Karsten Lutz

Other than that, I had to revise my preconceived opinion. I got engaged with the region through my wife. She was born and grew up in Adenau. It was only through her that I really got to know and love this beautiful country. As far as mobile phone reception is concerned, some people are glad not to be reachable all the time.

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CREDIT: Dr. Karsten Lutz

Especially in Autumn, it is lovely in the Hocheifel and in the Adenauer Land when the leaves are colourful. A walk through the picturesque forests gives you a view of gentle hills and valleys. You can let your soul dangle there.

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CREDIT: Dr. Karsten Lutz

There are a few country inns where you can stay overnight in a reasonably comfortable way and where the tasty regional Eifel cuisine awaits you at the end of the day. If you are lucky, some locals are sitting there chatting, which you can understand with a little effort.

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CREDIT: Dr. Karsten Lutz

If you don't get up too late the next morning, you can experience beautiful valleys covered in mist, over which the sun rises

DSC0101 Heller Und Kontrastreicher 1000Px
CREDIT: Dr. Karsten Lutz

Photographically, I would like to limit myself to these pictures. Of course, it is also worthwhile to take photos of the small churches in the villages and the partly abandoned shops and houses and much more. My wife and I continue to be drawn there, uniquely since we can combine this with visiting the family.

A Travel Report by Karsten Lutz