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CR QIV 19 Finally Snow Again
CREDIT: Chris Renk

Photo Work 4th Quarter 2019

Accumulation of member's photo work during the 4th Quarter 2019.

In the 4th quarter of the photographic work, the focus was clearly on autumn and winter motifs, portraying the beautiful colours of the two season.

While Marting Gerling and Karsten Lutz focused on street photography, Siegfried Rubbert, Ute Gerling and Chris Renk concentrated on nature and landscape motifs.

Eberhard Potempa tried his hand at night photography, portraying the Ludwigsgalerie of Oberhausen Castle in the evening hours.

Landscape Photography

Image Photographer: Chris Renk
Image title: Finally, snow again!
Image subject: Winter Landscape
Country: Spitzingsee, Bavaria, Germany


Street Photography

Image Photographer: Martin Gerling
Image title: Grassroots sport
Image subject: Sport on the street
Country: North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany


Image Photographer: Karsten Lutz
Image title: Autumn in the City of Hagen
Image subject: Seasonal Motions
Country: North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany


Night Photography

Image Photographer: Eberhard Potempa
Image title: Ludwigsgalerie Schloss Oberhausen
Image subject: Night Photography
Country: North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany


Nature Photography

Image Photographer: Ute Gerling
Image title: Tree
Image subject: Nature
Country: North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany


Image Photographer: Siegfried Rubbert
Image title: Nature and Man
Image subject: Nature
Country: North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany


Astro Photography

Image Photographer: Grahame Soden
Image title: My birthday Moon!
Image subject: Astro Photography
Country: North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany


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