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Jetty into infinity
CREDIT: Chris Renk

Lake Scharmuetzel

A Photographic Guide providing brief descriptions about Lake Scharmuetzel and what to focus on to capture fantastic images.

A few kilometres southeast of Berlin lies the Scharmützelsee, the "Märkisches Meer", with its dreamy sandy beach, glittering boats and artists who make rousing music, multi-storey cakes and Brandenburg's most idyllic film festival here.

Its name sounds like adventure - a lake like a battle: the Scharmützelsee. The name Scharmützel is derived from the word “skirmish” in English, which refers to a brief, unplanned battle or conflict. The lake was named after a battle that took place in the area during the Thirty Years’ War in the 17th century. 

The lake, also known as the "Märkisches Meer" lies only a few kilometres southeast of Berlin. 

For Berlin society, for famous artists and wealthy bankers, the lake has been one of the most popular summer destinations for about 100 years: characterised by the moorland, thermal spring and quiet, wooded surroundings.

With an area of almost 13 square kilometres, it is one of the largest lakes in the region and offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors.

One of the main attractions of Scharmützelsee is the opportunity for water sports. The lake’s calm waters are ideal for sailing, surfing, swimming and fishing. 

There are also boat rentals that allow visitors to explore the lake independently. Especially in warm weather, the lake is a popular place to relax and enjoy the water.

Scharmützelsee is also surrounded by beautiful countryside. Many hiking trails and cycle paths lead around the lake and take visitors to some of the most beautiful places in the area.  Some hiking trails lead through forests and offer breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding landscapes.

A3 Scharmützel

Lake Scharmützel is a beautiful location for photography, offering stunning landscapes, wildlife, and opportunities for capturing the area’s essence. Here are some tips for photographing at Lake Scharmütze

Golden hour

The best time to take photos at Lake Scharmützel is during golden hour, which is the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. The light is softer and warmer, creating a beautiful glow on the water and surrounding landscapes.

CRE1053 Edit


The lake offers many opportunities for capturing reflections, especially during calm weather conditions. Look for exciting subjects such as trees, buildings, or boats, and try to capture their reflection in the water.



The lake is home to various wildlife, including birds, fish, and mammals. Look for opportunities to capture them in their natural habitat, but remember to keep a safe distance and respect their space.



The lake and surrounding areas offer many beautiful landscapes, including forests, hills, and fields. Look for interesting compositions and use leading lines to guide the viewer’s eye through the scene.



The weather at Lake Scharmützel can change quickly, so be prepared for rain, fog, or changing light conditions. Embrace the weather and use it to create unique and exciting photographs.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles, compositions, and settings. Try using a wide-angle lens to capture the grandeur of the landscape or a macro lens to capture the details of a flower. Play with exposure settings to create a different mood or feeling in your photographs.


Overall, Lake Scharmützel offers many opportunities for beautiful photographs. With some creativity and exploration, you can capture the essence of this stunning location.


A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature


Photos by Chris Renk - all rights reserved

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