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CREDIT: Sergey Shchekotov-Alexandrov

Christmas Photowalks Around London

Sergey Shchekotov-Alexandrov (Russia) shares images from walks around London during the Christmas lockdown in 2020

The English love Christmas and New Year. I ended up in London at the end of December 2020 as the city went into a lockdown. Therefore, I had to photograph empty, beautiful festive streets except the rare situations in which the residents were present.




Due to the lockdown, I walked with a camera through quiet and elegant empty streets. Residents stayed at home and celebrated Christmas holidays in a family circle.



I did various themed photography in London during the Christmas holidays on the streets and in the parks at the end of December 2020. Here is an interesting shot of swans in Kensington Park (right).



Whitehall is a famous street in central London. I took pictures of pedestrians, but they turned out to be blurry (left).


Selling something is not. How is it done in England? First of all, you need to do it beautifully! Secondly, selling is a mystery! Here is a girl (a mannequin in a shop window) that is in the picture, peeping out of gilded curtains. Why would I, the buyer, not be interested, go to the store and buy something, if, of course, there is money (right).



A runner against the background of the Horse Guards building (left).
When I saw this composition in the window of a store, I asked myself a question. Whose children are depicted in the photo portrait among the New Year's accessories and goods of the store? Has the owner decided to show his children or grandchildren? Or maybe they're just random kids. The picture turned out pretty! It shows some incredible feeling of the store owner for an all-consuming attachment to Christmas and New Year (right).



This is a small intersection near South Kensington Tube station. Cars and double-decker buses are constantly driving. There are few pedestrians and the shops are closed. The owners of the shops made such a magnificent illumination of Christmas and New Year that it is impossible to tear your eyes away from such beauty. I've been looking for a composition for a long time. I think I found it. Like this (left)!

A red postal car driving away after making a quick delivery. The whole interaction took 2-3 minutes. Such is the story of this frame. It is quite possible that there was something gift, Christmas in the boxes (right).




Decorations that have been taken down amidst the skyscrapers of The City, London’s historical financial district (left).


The boy is tying his shoelaces. Considering that I'm walking through the historical part of the City. The famous St. Paul's Cathedral is behind me. Ahead is The Millennium Bridge over the River Thames leading to the Tate Modern. Life is life. I quit photographing sights and just snatch a photo moment (right).