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CREDIT: Rajen Nandwana

Earth, Water and Ice

Rajen Nandwana shares his first look of Iceland

Iceland, land of dramatic landscapes, volcanos, geysers and lava fields. A country in the north Atlantic ocean and the most sparsely populated in Europe. Two-thirds of the population of 360,000 live in the area of Reykejvik, the capital in south west Iceland. While it is just outside the arctic circle, it is greatly influenced by the polar climate.

In late winter of 2013, I travelled to Iceland in a serious attempt to pursue my love for landscape photography. The collection here is my first serious attempt at landscape photography.

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CREDIT: Rajen Nandwana

For a person living in an overcrowded city of Mumbai where cold weather is seldom lower than 20 degrees centigrade, it was a very challenging experience. Amazed by the natural beauty of the almost barren land, every turn of my head presented a different mystic landscape. The weather could change four times in an hour and therefore there were abundant opportunities to explore this magnificent country, but for the short duration of my stay.

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For the first time, I explored the use of tilt and shift lenses in landscape photography. I present to you some of my images, mostly from south west Iceland - Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, south coast of Vik, Gullfoss, Skogafoss and geysers, the lagoon and Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon. I must say that the landscapes of Iceland have left a deep desire to visit the country again.