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CREDIT: Fujifilm

Fujifilm Announce Discontinuation

You would be forgiven for thinking analogue photography was back in vogue after a seemingly endless string of announcements declaring the return of various film rolls back in production.

Fujifilm only announced the return of the Neon 100 Acros last summer after less than a year since its end. This trend, however, has hit a snag with Fujifilm announcing it is bringing the sale of Fujicolor and Superia's 3-packs to an end. 

The Japanese company stated multipacks of Fujicolor 100 and Super Premium 400 would no longer be available from March 2020 onwards, claiming:

‘Sales will be terminated because stable supply has become difficult due to a long-term decline in demand. We are very sorry, but we would appreciate your forgiveness after careful consideration of the situation. We look forward to your continued patronage of Fujifilm products.’

However, this announcement only means that the films will no longer be available in packs of three and the production of the stock will continue.

Fujicolor and Superia packs of three are only available in certain countries, so may not affect many photographers at all, but it does reveal the ongoing monitoring of analogue popularity and with a drop in demand for multipacks, perhaps the analogue photography renaissance hasn’t (yet) reached the monetary value of other analogue returns, such as vinyl records.