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Nikon F Camera
CREDIT: Chattersnap

Nikon Issue Small Recall of Film Camera

In an era of smartphone cameras and app filters, a recall for an analogue camera isn’t the usual news story, particularly when the camera was released sixteen years ago, but this month the Japanese camera-manufacturers, Nikon, issued a small recall of some of its Nikon F6 cameras. 

The camera was Nikon’s last flagship analogue SLR, released in 2004, but this month the European RoHS Directive was updated to restrict hazardous substances including plasticiser dibutyl phthalate used in many electronic devices including some of the F6 cameras. 

Nikon noted on their Japanese website that the recall does not affect all F6 models and likely only affects 152 cameras, whose serial numbers have been listed on the site. The cameras affected by this updated law can be replaced by Nikon, though the company explain the cameras are not unsafe nor does the use of the substance affect performance.

If you own an F6, you can check your serial number against the published list by visiting their webpage here (translated).