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Sophie Green Photo, Yaruba Mother And Baby

Yaruba mother and baby

Photo by Sophie Green


Sophie Green was one of the speakers at the joint Royal Photographic Society and Martin Parr Foundation photobook weekend on 19-20 October 2019.  Four talks were given on each day and Sophie Green presented this set of work on the Sunday.  Her project was about rarely documented church attendances by Yaruba Nigerians living in south London.  These are known as the white garment churches, based on the clothing worn by attendees.  The services are carried out in the Yaruba language.  Southwark has the largest number of African churches outside of Africa.  Her project comprises a mix of collaborations, posed portraits and photographic workshops.


This work has now been published by ‘Loose Joints’ in an edition of 300, with 30 colour and 25 duotone images. See and http//