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My Father's Things
CREDIT: Wendy Aldiss

London Art Fair: Occupy The Void

I was about to introduce myself to Laura Noble, curator of this year’s Photo 50 exhibition, when, to my surprise, she spoke first, remembering me from way back, I don’t know when.

Laura’s theme for the event followed the topic of the under-representation of women photographers, such as the Hundred Heroines work recently promoted by the RPS. Laura had chosen to select work by ten women photographers aged over 50, with the title “Occupy The Void”. Among these was “Many Original Features”, by Danielle Peck, based in Margate and its Dreamland amusement park, a mix of nostalgia and the present day. It featured the Cecil Hotel in the town, a time capsule of a holiday flatlet. Other photographer’s work shown included “Botany of Silence” by Samantha Brown, about the now demolished Clark’s shoe factory in Dundalk, “Home Discomforts” by Miranda Gavin, about sexual abuse by her step-father as a child, “My Father’s Things”, by Wendy Aldiss and “Presence”, by Kim Shaw, about her Lilliputian gallery of work.

Image: My Father's Things, by Wendy Aldiss.