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Self Portrait - Covid Captive
CREDIT: Sean Goodhart

Isolation and Quarantine

Self-portrait from isolation

A collection of interesting resources from Contemporary photographers, compiled by Brian Steptoe - originally posted on the group's Facebook page on 22nd March.

Of interest to keep our members going in difficult times. Click on names for the web links to appear.

Over the next few weeks, it looks increasingly likely that more and more people will be stuck inside for a lot longer than usual as society grinds to a halt. With this in mind I thought I’d compile a list of lectures, interviews, films etc. that might be of interest.



Christopher Anderson discussing his early career

Dawoud Bey

Lucas Blalock

Great lecture by Sophie Calle

Bieke Depoorter and Susan Meiselas

Rineke Dijkstra discussing her long-term series of portraits of Almerisa Sehric as well as Almerisa talking about what it was like being a part of this project.

Stephen Gill: A deep dive into his work in Hackney and East London

Roni Horn and Dayanita Singh

Rob Hornstra working in Sochi

Jack Latham and George Muncey

Deana Lawson

Martin Parr’s Sofa Sessions with Anna Fox, Christina de Middel, Jem Southam, John Myers and many more.

Judith Joy Ross

Dayanita Singh discussing Museum of Chance

Alec Soth and Brad Feuerhelm

Mark Steinmetz at CCA

Steidl: Steidl has features on loads of photographers who have published a book with them, from John Gossage to Mona Kuhn.

Thomas Struth

Transcending Boundaries. A Conversation between Lyle Rexer, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Adam Jeppesen and Caroline von Courten


Magic Hour Podcast: My absolute favourite podcast out there, fantastic interviews with a really wide range of photographers, so there’s definitely something here for everyone. Carmen Winant, Bruno Ceschel, Mark McKnight, Susan Meiselas and Mary Frey have recently been featured, but all of them are worth checking out.

The Halftone: Another great podcast, with interviews with Mitch Epstein, Christian Patterson, Sandra Phillips and Doug DuBois among others.

A Small Voice: Ben Smith has interviews with just about everyone, but especially anyone connected to the UK photographic scene.


1000 Words Magazine: Smart, intellectual writing on photography for an academic crowd. Big back-catalogue with lots to read.

Emmazed: A series of interviews with art, fashion and editorial photographers by Mo Mfinanga. All of them are great reads, with a conversational style and honest discussions about what it is like to be a photographer. The introductions written by a friend/colleague of each featured photographer is a lovely touch.

Colin Pantall’s Blog: One of a few old-school photo-blogs still going. Lots of smart stuff on photojournalism, the nature of photography, Colin’s own work and more. Smart and political.

Concientious Photograph Magazine: A mixture of reviews, interviews and essays by Jorg Colberg. Most of it is worth reading, especially the interviews from a few years back and again a website with a huge archive.

Blake Andrews: At its hights, this was certainly one of the funniest and most insightful photoblogs around. Lots of jokes, fantastic interviews and straddles the street-photo world and the art world in interesting ways.

Alec Soth’s old blog: Pages and pages of writings, interviews and musings by Alec Soth on his process, work he likes and the nature of photography in general written in a super presentable and enjoyable way.

5B4: A photography blog run by Jeffrey Ladd with a focus on photobooks.

Rocket Science Magazine: Interviews, work-in-progress, musings on the life of freelance photographers, this online magazine has it all.

SeeSaw Magazine: Aaron Schuman’s now defunt online photography magazine still has lots of work worth checking out. Features interviews with photographers such as Richard Misrach, Todd Hido and Paul Graham, early work by Richard Mosse and Ester Teichmann, found photography and more this is a page full of delights and despite its now dated website design is unexpectedly great.

American Suburb X: So well known I forgot it at first, but has a great back-catalogue and long-form interviews with loads of interesting photographers. Recent features have included Tim Carpenter, Mark Mahaney and many, many others

Disphotic: Not the most active blog, but Lewis Bush’s blog is super interesting on the politics of the photoworld and politically-slanted photography more generally.