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RPS Contemporary Group

Guidance for contributors to Concept

Concept our bi-monthly e-newsletter seeks to be the best possible showcase for all that the RPS Contemporary Group has to offer.

We attempt to provide a rich variety of content - updates on upcoming events, the work of featured member photographers, regional reports, book reviews, and much else.

Features and reports should be between 300 and 800 words please.

Reports of regional meetings should not be in the form of a set of minutes, nor attempt to represent the details of the debate or conversation but rather present the proceedings in summary form.

Anything more detailed than this could be re-fashioned instead as a feature or monograph spotlighting the work of a particular photographer or photographers.

Documents should be in Microsoft Word format (doc or docx) and contain no images; pictures as separate jpeg files of 1 to 2 megabytes, containing no watermarks please.

The editor's job is to work with Graphics and Layout to present the text and a selection of the best pictures in the most pleasing and stylish way.

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Guidance for contributors to the Contemporary Photography journal

Contemporary Photography is our quarterly journal aiming to show the best in contemporary photography from around the world in a high-quality print format. Electronic editions are published on the RPS website and on ISSUU, the digital publishing website, a month after printed publication.

Contributions are both invited by the editor and accepted from submissions. If you wish to submit articles for the journal, please send all text and images to the editor. Text should be in Microsoft Word. Images should be submitted in TIFF or high quality JPEGs. Images should be at least 2500 pixels on the longest edge. For other formats or to discuss reproduction, please contact the editor. Large image files may be supplied on disk or memory stick, or by use of on-line file transfer services, such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. Unless requested, disks and memory sticks will not be returned. 

Text serves to support the images and, as such, we do not place a maximum or minimum limit on the number of words, although the editor may exercise judgement in the final publication! As guidance, a page of text is about 350-450 words.

Paul Ashley is the journal editor, and Brian Steptoe is responsible for layout and production.

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