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20240523 152136
CREDIT: Sean Goodhart ARPS

British Working Class Photography 1989–2024

I was in Coventry this week and dropped in to the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum to take a look at the photography exhibition "After The End Of History: British Working Class Photography 1989–2024"

Hayward Gallery Touring exhibition "After the End of History" brings together contemporary working class artists who use photography to explore the nuances of working class life in all its diversity.

20240523 152105
CREDIT: Sean Goodhart ARPS
20240523 152118
CREDIT: Sean Goodhart ARPS

The exhibition features photographers who turn their gaze towards both their communities and outwards to the wider world. The exhibition looks at working class culture, exploring identity and creativity with the imagery covering the past three decades.  I found it a bit nostalgic, particularly the images from the late 1980s and early 1990s, but there’s plenty of material in the exhibition which fits our group’s definition of the word “contemporary” – I particularly enjoyed Tom Wood’s “Bus Journeys”.

This touring exhibition is available to view until 16th June – and It’s free to visit.

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CREDIT: Sean Goodhart ARPS



Bonus exhibition: Just a 5 minute walk from the Herbert is the Delia Derbyshire building of Coventry University, home of the College of the Arts and Society. Just across the road is Starley Gardens, an urban park created by the university (and open to the public) where there is a display of photography by the students. The DOT DOT DOT Exhibition inside the Delia Derbyshire building ended this week but perhaps the outside display will be around for a few more weeks.