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David Townshend FRPS
CREDIT: David Townshend FRPS

Impressions of the Norfolk Coast

Exhibition by David Townshend FRPS

Impressions of the Norfolk Coast

David Townshend, who recently gained his FRPS with his panel Transformation created in his garden, is holding an exhibition at the Cley nature reserve centre on the Norfolk coast from 12 February to 16 March 2022. The images in the exhibition entitled Impressions of the Norfolk Coast interpret the light and colours, shapes and patterns of coastal landscapes. They convey David’s individual perspective on places, be they grand views or intimate details, iconic subjects or mundane objects.

David creates his impressionist and abstract work using in-camera multiple exposure and camera movement techniques, combined with blending modes – and just occasionally ventures into the world of Photoshop. His unique images sometimes challenge the viewer, inviting you to pause and explore. The results are striking, intriguing and sometimes enigmatic, like a half-recalled memory tantalisingly just out of reach.

David will be giving a talk about the exhibition on 24 February and a workshop on 26 February, both at the reserve centre (see details on Admission to the exhibition is free and there is full wheelchair access. You can see more of David’s work at David Townshend Images.