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Morning On Harris

The Accidental Photographer

by Liz Akers ARPS

Have you been a photographer all your life Liz?

"I have always been interested in looking at photographic images.  

My husband Nick is a keen photographer and I loved to see what he produced but was put off by all the messing about in the dark room, which he used to enjoy."

Glen Etive
Arctic Terns


So when did you take up photography yourself?

"After moving to Halstead in 2008, Nick decided to join the local camera club and asked if I would like to join him.

At the end of the first meeting I attended, the Club Secretary asked if there was anyone interested in forming a novice section.  I got carried away and my hand floated up.

This was a big surprise in our household because I didn’t actually own a camera!"

Extinction Rebellion Protest
Old Fishing Station, Lofoten



How did you progress from absolute beginner to the photographer we see here?

"It was a very steep learning curve.  I was quite out of my comfort zone because I knew nothing of RAW images, ISO, focal length, aperture etc.  I am not a technical person and it was only with patience and instruction did I progress.

During that first year I became totally hooked.  I won the Novice Section in both Print and PDI at the camera club and was moved into the Advanced Section."

Five Finger Strand, Donegal


What made you decide to join the RPS?

"In 2012, I sat in as an observer at an RPS Assessment while visiting the Photography Show in Birmingham and was inspired to join the society there and then.  

I became a member of DIG and later joined the Landscape Group as this is a genre I really enjoy."


2000Px Sea Fog
In A Summer Meadow
Large Red Damselfly Pair
Mrs. Crannage
Home Sweet Home


What inspired you to go on to work towards your RPS Distinctions?

"On one of our Landscape Group outings I met an RPS Fellow, Ann Miles and we talked about distinctions.  

At this point I didn’t really know if my photography was at the standard that the RPS expected.

Later in 2015, with Ann's guidance, I obtained my LRPS after first attending an Advisory Day.

Seeing the standard of the ARPS panels that day made me think that the next level of distinction was way beyond me.  

I didn't think I would ever be able to produce work of that standard."


Hebridean Sheep


What changed?

"On a dull day in 2017 we visited RAF Barnham with the RPS East Anglian Region where something rather magical happened.  I was so excited because I realised here was a subject for an ‘A’ Panel.

People have told me that the subject for panels always finds you, which in my case was very true.  I was delighted to gain my ARPS distinction in 2019."  (see Liz's 'A' panel here)


Since taking up photography, what would you say has motivated you?

"The RPS has given me goals and a purpose to take photographs.  I find photography all consuming and can spend hours waiting around for the right light or the right moment.

Since moving to Norfolk I have joined both North Norfolk PS and Wayland DPC and compete in their competitions. I also enter National Salons."

2000Px Wild Atlantic Coast, Donegal

Finally Liz, what's next for you?

"I have no specific projects on the go at the moment.  I am just enjoying all types of photography including landscape, insect photography, street photography and anything else that takes my interest.

I am delighted to have found a hobby that I enjoy and can share with Nick and other photographers."


Image Titles

Main image: 'Morning on Harris'

Left from top: 'Glen Etive', 'Extinction Rebellion Protest', 'Abandoned', 'In A Summer Meadow', 'Mrs Crannage', 'Sealions'

Right from top'Arctic Terns', 'Old Fishing Station, Lofoten', 'Five Finger Strand, Donegal', 'Large Red Damselfly Pair', 'Home Sweet Home', 'Hebridean Sheep'

Central images: 'Sea Fog', 'Wild Atlantic Coast, Donegal'


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