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1600 Flower Points

Total Lockdown

by Kevin Maskell FRPS


If you are wondering what to photograph during lockdown and feel in need of some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, then read on as Kevin Maskell FRPS talks about his experience of being in total lockdown.

600X800 Frozen In Time


"Although the UK is in lockdown due to the coranavirus pandemic, this doesn’t mean you cannot take photographs while out doing your daily exercise.  

It doesn’t have to be an SLR, a mobile phone will do just as well.


Unfortunately, as Margery and I have health issues, we are both in the NHS ‘at high risk’ category, and cannot go out at all.

So our photography is now restricted to our house and garden for three months or more.  We’re thankful that we have a fairly large garden, which many people don’t have."

800X600 In Decay
800X550 Small White Butterfly






"As some of you know, I’ve been taking at least one image per day for over 1600 days now, which are then loaded onto

There had been many times during the last four and a half years, when I’d been restricted to house and garden for short periods during treatments, but this current period of isolation will be the longest."

800X600 Through The Blue
800X549 Bee Fly



"Though you may not be taking pictures every day, you can still get your camera out, and come up with projects or themes to photograph.

For example:  close-up, decay, still-life, creative, flowers (including flowers in ice), nature.

I’ve even been known to raid our recycling bin for items to photograph!"

800X600 Cut The Talking
800X661 The Edge



"During this current period of isolation, I’ve been taking a look at images already on my computer, and trying to be more creative with them.

These are some of the images that I have taken, or worked on during this period

Keep your mind active by taking photographs, as it will help to keep you sane.

Also remember to keep safe."


800X800 Red Star A
800X800 Rear Lights




Click MKM Art Images to see more of Kevin's work.  He shares this website with wife Margery who is an artist as well as a photographer.





800X800 Through The Portal
800X800 Our Garden Isolation 2020



Image Titles

Top: 'Flower Points'

Left: 'Frozen in Time' 'In Decay', 'Through the Blue', 'Cut the Talking', 'Red Star', 'Through the Portal'

Right: 'Small White Butterfly', 'Bee Fly', 'The Edge', 'Rear Lights', 'Our Garden Isolation 2020'




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