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Kathryn Alkins
CREDIT: Kathryn Alkins

Order and Design in Landscape Photography

The  image above  "Dusk from Greenwich” by Kathryn Alkins

Thumbnail Windless 1 Of 1

Image above 'Windless' by Gillian Duffy

Thumbnail Storm Along The Dosrset Coast 2
Mutters Moor Steve Jupp
Thumbnail Olivier
CREDIT: Olivier Schlenkhoff-Hus


 ‘Order and Design in Landscape Photography was a recent workshop with Steve Gosling, ’ in which he gave an introduction to composition by talking about how he designs his photographs, about breaking the rules and how to use compositional techniques to communicate mood and emotion. The students viewed a selection of his images to highlight the points he was making.  A project was given and three weeks latter three images from each attendee were critiqued and analysed by Steve.  The majority of the images were new  and taken specifically for the task and as instructed by Steve, should specifically break the rules and demonstrate ideas that he had described.

Left Image 'Storm Along the Dorset Coast' by Jeremy Stock

Right Image 'Mutters Moor' by Steve Jupp




Seaton1 Steve Jupp

Left Image 'Bench Reflected' by Olivier Schlenkhoff-Hus

Right Image 'Seaton' by Steve Jupp



One of the attendees wrote this,

'Steve was the consummate professional.  Well organized, well informed and provided everyone with a good opportunity to participate in the workshop.  Landscape IMO is the most difficult genre of photography in which to create truly outstanding images and I felt that Steve’s view of what constitutes a good composition, driven more by feeling than view, chimes well with how I need to develop my technique.  Brilliant!

Double 4

On the night of the critique, each 'Student' was was given equal time to listen the Steve's detailed analysis of each image, and how it could be improved.  Then everyone got involved in the discussion and all were very complimentary of each others work.  There were some stunning images produced, those who took new images, went out very close to home and stretched themselves by finding images in familiar places. Steve encouraged them to try new and different ways of approaching landscapes and to try and 'Create a Mood' 

Mood is something that Steve strives to create in his images for his work as a professional life as a  Photographer.

A very successful workshop enjoyed by all those who attended.

Double 2

I learned a lot and really appreciated the opportunity to discuss my images with Steve and the other photographers on the course

Double 3

Image below 'Sunset over Bournemouth' by Amber Burton

20210328 P3280030 2