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Ron Evans ARPS Associate Panal

Documentary Distinctions - Ron Evans ARPS

from The Decisive Moment May 2020

In this article Ron Evans ARPS discusses his successful Associate Panel - He's in the Dark.

"I grew up in the southern part of America in Arkansas, and the photographs you are viewing today are reflective of the area in which I lived. The images were all made using a 35mm camera and Tri-X film, and were developed in my darkroom using D-76 one to one. For this submission to the RPS I have scanned the negatives and then made prints on Hahnemühle baryta paper, which closely resemble my larger silver gelatin prints.

The word intent, as defined by The Oxford English Dictionary is ‘intention and purpose’ followed by the synonyms objective and aim. These fifteen documentary photographs are of ordinary and everyday events, taken from life.

So my ‘intention and purpose’ in making this work, from my limited perspective, is clarity and a straight forward way of working. Additionally it’s my hope the photographs are original, worth seeing and not boring."

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