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Liz Vaz Associate Panel - Liz Vaz ARPS

Documentary Distinctions - Liz Vaz ARPS

from The Decisive Moment May 2020

In this article Liz Vaz ARPS discusses her successful Associate Panel.

"Today one in three young adults has a tattoo and it has become a far more acceptable form of expression than when I was growing up in the 70s. I am intrigued by the resurgence of this ancient art and have explored it through attending tattoo conventions. I discovered a thriving industry, skilled artists and people who are immensely proud of their tattoos. Many had beautiful depictions of spiritual traditions, geometric patterns or animals, while others were focused on representing a personal narrative, often returning many times to add to their ‘collection’.

The tattooing process itself requires trust between the artist and customer for what is typically a session of several hours. Once a tattoo is complete there is pride, confidence, and ownership of the finished product. In my images, I showcase the journey from a virgin piece of skin to the final work of art."

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