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Neil Milne ARPS Caird Hall

Documentary Distinctions - Neil Milne ARPS

from The Decisive Moment September 2020

In this article Simon Leach FRPS (Documentary Distinctions Panel Chair) and Neil Milne ARPS discuss Neil's successful Associate Panel - Caird Hall.

"Caird Hall in Dundee is the area’s largest venue of its type and has held particular significance for me over the years. The site of my first ever rock concert, my graduation ceremony, and a place I came to know well searching it top to bottom as a Police Officer prior to VIP events.

Approaching 100 years old it has a style and faded grandeur that endures. I like its worn edges, its film noir shadows, period furniture and echoing corridors. There are art deco bars and installations by local artists to be found. The scars on stage are a testament to its age and use but it is cared for lovingly, nonetheless.

I have tried to document the hall and its features and to portray a sense of the character that it retains."

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