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A child and her mother participate in a protest against migrant detention centres. Organisers called on the Trump administration to close the migrant detention centres and to stop the family separation policies.
CREDIT: Ronen Tivony FRPS

Documentary Distinctions - Ronen Tivony FRPS

from The Decisive Moment September 2020

In this article Simon Leach FRPS (Documentary Distinctions Panel Chair, Applied Panel Member) and Ronen Tivony FRPS discuss Ronen's successful Fellowship Panel - American Politics & Unrest, 2016-2020.

"A series of photojournalistic images taken while on assignments for wire services and media companies. The images cover political moments from the presidential candidacies of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden as well as of social unrest and protests following the 2016 presidential elections in the U.S. The protest images include images from the Muslim ban, Dakota Access Pipeline protests, family separation and detention, Students’ March Against Gun Violence & Black Lives Matter.

All the images submitted were captured for the purpose of publication."

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